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Fata Incarnati

Super Effective! - Normal

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by , 6th January 2012 at 09:23 PM (296 Views)
Bandwagons! Woo!

For those of you who don't know, this is a blog series detailing my favorite and least favorite Pokemon of each type. So let's get started, shall we?



There are a surprising number of awesome Normal-types, but Porygon-Z will always have a special place inside of my heart. Not only is it one of three computerized Pokemon, which is already a plus for me, but its personality is hilarious; totally spaz-tastic. Plus, the backstory is kind of interesting. As opposed to receiving another, "official" Update like it did before, Porygon2 instead was given the Dubious Disc, an unofficial and most likely illegal software patch of some sort, or maybe an experimental piece of hardware. In any case, the Pokemon didn't react well to the device, and malfunctioned. Badly.

Its moveset, appropriately enough, is all over the place, too. From Signal Beam to Magnet Rise to Psybeam to Tri Attack to Trick Room, (and that's just listing level-up moves) when you fight this thing, you don't know what exactly you're going to be dealing with, but in any case, with its excellent Special Attack stat, whatever it throws at you, it's more than likely gonna hurt.

Runners-Up: Zangoose, Castform, Regigigas


Adorable as this picture is, it just doesn't save it from being one of the most "meh"-worthy Pokemon I've seen. First and foremost, it has no character. No defining traits, no personality quirks, nothing to make it unique. After all, its appearance is a pink blob with a face. Normally, its ability to Transform into the opponent would be really useful, but Ditto's horrid stats make that nigh useless. Its only real function is to perpetually sit in the Daycare and produce Eggs, and it probably still will be.

Runners-Up: Bibarel, Dunsparce

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  1. Stormbringer's Avatar
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    Bidoof demands your allegiance and your soul.

    Also #1 spot.
  2. crystallineEntropy's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I love Porygon-Z and Ditto.

    And when Ditto gets Imposter it will be awesome.
    Updated 6th January 2012 at 09:53 PM by crystallineEntropy
  3. SharKing's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Ditto's meh stats are pretty much irrelevent with its DW Ability, Imposter, which transforms it instantly.
  4. Oblivion's Avatar
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    I know about the whole Imposter stuff, but due to it not being released, (and not in any time in the foreseeable future) I disregarded it. Plus, because I'm weird like this, I really look for the design of the creatures themselves, with battle performance taking a backseat.


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