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Super Effective! - Fire

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The thing with Ninetails that makes me so fascinated is that, contrary to what most people think at first, it is not simply a fox. As anyone who played Okami would know, (unless they thought the game was ripping off Pokemon) the creature has a backstory steeped in Japanese myth. Namely, the tales of the kitsune, Japanese fox spirits.

Brace yourself; it's lecture time.

While the origin of the term is highly debated, the legend is generally believed to have been around since the ninth century. They tell of foxes who have achieved a long enough age to be given the form of a yōkai, or spiritual being. This does not mean that the wolves themselves are ghosts, rather that they have achieved enlightenment and have gone beyond the mortal realm.

There are two kinds of kitsune. Zenko, the good kind, are benevolent foxes associated with the god of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, and industry. Which, now that I see it, are some of the main elements of the Pokemon Landorus.

Landorus as the god of foxes; wrap your mind around that one.

Anyways, then there are the mischievous or perhaps even malicious kitsune, the yako, also called nogitsune. There are also further sub-categories that I'd rather not get into, for the sake of simplicity.

On a physical standpoint, the first thing people notice about kitsune is their tails, normally one, three, five, seven, or nine. More tails generally means a wiser and more powerful kitsune. They are normally not allowed to receive more tails until they have lived for 100 years. Once they are given their ninth tail, their fur turn white or gold. Folklore attribute these nine-tailed foxes with having the ability to see and hear anything happening anywhere in the world.

Some other powers that kitsune possess are being able to turn into a human form, possession, being able to produce fire and/or lightning from their tails or mouths, invisibility, flight, manifestation of dreams, driving people mad, and creating extremely realistic illusions.

...any of that sound familiar? If not, let's make some comparisons, following a Ninetaless / Kitsune pattern...

  • Is a fox / Is a fox who has lived for a long time
  • Can live for a thousand years / Longevity is part of the job description
  • Has nine tails / can have anywhere from one to nine, but nine-tailed kitsune are some of the most powerful
  • Is a fire-type / Can produce fire (or lightning) from their tails or mouths
  • Can use Confuse Ray / Can produce strikingly realistic illusions
  • Can set curses on people / Can make people go mad
  • Normal fur is gold, shiny fur is silverish / Fur turns white or gold upon receiving ninth tail

Needless to say, Ninetales has one of my favorite origins out of all Pokemon, and although its battle performance is meh, I'm way too much of a mythology geek to care.

Runners-Up: Blaziken, Rapidash



It's a turtle who eats coal.



I don't know, I just found Torkoal to be one of the more bland Pokemon. Not only does it display the Dunsparce Scenario by being a subpar single-stage Pokemon, but when compared to the imaginative designs of the other Pokemon from the Generation (Weather Trio, Castform, Absol) it just falls flat. I mean, some of the other Pokemon from the generation might not have had as good of designs, but at least they had at least somewhat good battle stats to save them.

Runner-Up: Magcargo

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  1. Stormbringer's Avatar
    I like torkoal...
  2. Oblivion's Avatar
    I understand that people may like Pokemon I don't like, but understand that, by nature, these are opinionated. I'm not the biggest fan of Torkoal in the world, but that doesn't necessarily mean I loathe everything about him. It's just that he's outclassed by lots of other fire-types.


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