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[nooting intensifies]

Just a derp derping about and generally being a derp.

  1. The Fourth of July: Heaven for Pyromaniacs Across the Country.

    So, me and my family went over to this party one of our friends was having over at her house in Puyallup. (I hope I spelled that right.)

    On average, I think we lit up at least 100 things on fire. If not more.

    Then, when we had run out of fireworks, I decided to grab a jug of gasoline that just happened to be laying there, pour it over a cardboard box, lighting a match, and tossing said lit match right into the gasoline.

    T'was a beautiful sight.
  2. So, I was going on this really boring car trip...

    And on one of our highways, I saw a billboard. Not just any billboard. This was one that I really liked, and sparked a discussion that probably made my day today.

    A billboard for none other than Portal 2.

    I dunno why I liked that so much. Maybe it felt good seeing game advertising not being limited to posters on the windows of stores like GameStop.
  3. Let's Play Pokemon Blue - Episode 2...kind of.

    In this episode, I not only have an epic recording failure, but an epic failure during an outtake of me going through the Viridian Forest completely unprepared!

    ...yeah, this is not the real Episode 2. I'm trying to find some new recording equipment. Wish me luck...
  4. System Failures

    Xbox 360

    When we first got our Xbox 360, back before I had even heard of this site, it broke down not even 20 minutes after we booted the thing up, refusing to even turn on, no matter what we tried to do.

    Come 2010, we actually got around to (supposedly) fixing the thing, only to find that creating a new Gamer Account would make the system black-screen.

    And now, fairly recently, we attempted to play one of the games that we had gotten, only to find that ...
  5. I am such an idiot...

    Something just happened today that I don't think I'm gonna get past for a while.

    To sum it up? I accidentally knocked one of our coffee tables over, landing directly on my 11-year old sister's foot. And it was a pretty fucking heavy coffee table. So, her foot broke and she's gonna have to get casts. And it was all due to an incredibly stupid and moronic mistake on my part and my part alone.

    Ugh. I feel like crawling back to bed and sleeping through the rest of ...

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