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[nooting intensifies]

Just a derp derping about and generally being a derp.

  1. Ask Me Stuff!

    What do you get when you combine me, a whole lot of boredom, and an inexplicable urge to blog about something? You get this! The premise is simple: Ask me, in the comments, any question you darn well feel like, and I mean any question, and I will answer them in a subsequent blog post, to the best of my ability.
  2. disappear

    one sentence
    one phrase
    one word
    can spell doom

    ive sealed my doom
    on this day
    ebfore thnkiing

    these tears won't dry
    they'll form an ocean
    and soon ill drown
    in my own misery

    have yo ever wanted
    t just disappear?
    i do
    i just want to

    and save everyone
    from myself
    i juust wat to disappear

    make ...
  3. Compatibilità Sfida I - Sciens in Unknown

    The first challenge is that of knowledge: How well do you know me, one with many names, many truths, many lies, and many secrets?

    The idea is simple. I provide various questions about myself below, and you PM me your answers. You must answer all of these questions to the best of your ability; don't skip any of them. Some of them will be simple. Others, difficult.

    1. Name the past two usernames that I have been known by. (Discounting names I had adopted for the ...

    Updated 4th March 2012 at 08:32 PM by Oblivion (mentions)

  4. Compatibility Challenge Thing

    Following the example of @Octy, I have decided to do one of these confounded tests.

    Even in the emptiness that can be found in the blackest of voids, one cannot help but wonder that they are in need of a friend, a companion, someone to which they can relate their interests, sympathize in their troubles, and stand upon their common ground with a shared authority like no other.

    To that extent, I have formulated a variety of various tests to see ...
  5. And Now, Back To The Show!

    I have returned from my vacation! Huzzah and other exclamations of mirth!
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