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Pokemon Archetypes

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by , 31st December 2010 at 11:45 PM (1771 Views)
Pokemon Archetypes

Here I am again... This time I doing a study on the many archetypes in Pokemon.

Starter Trio- We start our study with the most obvious archetype in the series the Starter Trio. They are the first Pokemon in their R-Dex (The Unova Trio being the exception due to Victini being #000.) They are always Grass/Fire/Water typed. They are also always have three evo's.

All Grass Starters are based on a reptile (Dinosaur(Kanto/Johto) Geecko (Hoenn) Turtle (Sinnoh) Snake (Unova)


Chikorita/Cyndiquil/Totdile (Johto)

Treeko/Torchic/Mudkip (Hoenn)

Turtwig/Chimichar/Piplup (Sinnoh)

Snivy/Tepig/Oshawott (Unova)

Early Bug- One of the first Pokemon encountered. They allow the player to have access for a strong (or at least strong at the time) Pokemon early in-game. They evolve really fast allowing them to be fully evolved by level 10 Though they are almost worthless mid-way through. (The Unova Bugs being an exception)

Caterpie/Weedle (Kanto)

Ledyba/Spinarak (Johto)

Wurmple (Hoenn)

Kricketot (Sinnoh)

Kurumiru/Fushide (Unova)

Early Bird- These guys are almost always among the first Pokemon encountered in-game. They are all Normal/Flying (except for Wingull if you count him as one.)

Pidgey/Spearow (Kanto)

Hoothoot (Johto)

Taillow/Wingull (Hoenn)

Starly (Sinnoh)

Pidove (Unova)

Early Rodent- These guys along with the Bird and Bugs are among the first Pokemon found. Of course they are based on rodents.

Like the bug they are usually only useful for the beginning and Mid-part of the story and are usually replaced by other Pokemon later on.

Rattata (Kanto)

Sentret (Johto)

Zigzagoon (Hoenn)

Bidoof (Sinnoh)

Miruhog (Unova)

Electric Rodent/Pika-clone- These guys are Electric typed and are based on Reodents (hence the name) They are always small and cute and except for Pikachu they don't evolve. TGhey also have always kept their English name (Though Emoga's English name hasn't been reveled yet)

Pikachu (Kanto)

Pichu (Johto)

Plusle/Minun (Hoenn)

Pachrisu (Sinnoh)

Emoga (Unova)

Regional Cat- These guys are feline Pokemon. Can't say much... All but Choroneko are Normal typed. They have been in every Gen except for Gen II

Meowth- Kanto)

Skitty (Hoenn)

Glameow/Shinx (Lions are feline)(Sinnoh)

Choroneko (Unova)

Regional Dog- Like the cats they are Canine enough said. They have been in every Gen but Gen IV aad except for Yorterry are two staged Pokemon.

Growlith/Vulpix (Kanto)

Houndour/Snubbull (Johto)

Poochyena (I know Hyena's technically not dogs... )/Electrike (Hoenn)

Yorterry (Unova)

Early Electric- These guys are different from the Rodents. They are one of the first Pokemon you encounter... I love this one I always use them

Pikachu (Kanto)

Mareep (Johto)

Electrike (Hoenn)

Shinx (Sinnoh)

Blitzle (Unova)

Regional Monkey- DO I have to explain this...? They're Monkeys plain and simple they are two stage pokemon (except for Chimichar but he's a starter so he doesn't count)

Mankey (Kanto)

Aipom (Johto)

Chimichar/Ampipom (Sinnoh)

Pansage/Pansear/Panpour (Unova)

Regional Water/Flying- One of the classic type combos that have been in every Gen. They are all two staged pokemon.


Mantine (Johto)

Wingull (Hoenn)

Mantyke (Sinnoh)

Kouruhie (Unova)

Regional Ghost- These guys are the main ghost of their Gen.

Gastly (Kato)

Misdreavus (Johto)

Shuppet/Duskull (Hoenn)

Drifloon (Sinnoh)

Desumasu (Unova)

Regional Flower Flower Pokemon

Oddish/Bellsprout (Kanto)

Sunkern (Johto)

Roselia (Hoenn)

Budew (Sinnoh)

Churine (Unova)

Mascot Trio Ever since Gen III the games mascots have been in a Trio. (I know Grey isn't out yet but Kyurem is going to be the Mascot Trio it's obvious.)

Weather Trio (R/S/E): Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza

Dragon Trio (D/P/Pt): Dialga/Palkia/Giratina

Tao Trio (B/W/?G?): Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem

Secondary Trio These Guys are not as important as the mascot trio. They have a BST of 580

Bird Trio: Articuno/Zepdos/Moltres

Beast Trio: Suicune/Raikou/Entei

Regi Trio: Regice/Registeel/Regirock

Lake Trio: Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf

Musketeer Trio: Colbalon/Terrakion/Virizon (Does Keldeo count?)

Kami Trio: Tornelos/Voltolos/Landlos

Legendary Duo- Like the Trio they have been in every Gen (except for Gen V strangely... they added THREE Trio's but not a duo...)

Mew Duo: Mew/Mewtwo

Tower Duo: Lugia/Ho-Oh

Eon Duo/Lati@s: Latios/Latias

Lunar Trio: Cresselia/Darkrai

Sea Guardians: Manaphy/Phione

Trio Master- The Leaders of the Trio's all Trio's have them (Except for the Tau Trio but we'll see later)

Bird Trio Master: Lugia

Beast Trio Master: Ho-Oh

Weather Trio Master: Rayquaza (Also in the Trio)

Regi Trio Master: Regigigas

Dragon/Lake Trio Master: Arceus

Musketeer Trio Master: Cobalon (Also in the Trio)

Kami Trio Master: Landlos

Thats it for no... IF I missed one please tell me.... HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!

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  1. Kars's Avatar
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    good read bro
  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I don't think that its implied anywhere other than the anome that Lugia has any connection to the Legendary Birds.
  3. Articwolf10's Avatar
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    • permalink
    In the PMD game (I can't remember which one...) You have to befriend all the birds. Plus in XD after you snag Shadow Lugia the Boss guy has the Birds... Plus I think in one of the Pokemon Ranger games you hae to se every Pokemon in the Browser (Including the Birds) to fight Lugia
  4. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    I don't know if some of these would be considered archetypes. (Eg. Regional Cat/Dog/Monkey/Water-Flying/Ghost/Flower) Seems more like pure luck/a random idea then GF consciously going for those ideas.

    Since dogs and cats are common household pets, it makes sense why there would be a decent amount of them in the games. Monkeys and flowers are common knowledge too, so no surprise we get one of those every region.

    As for the typing, we multiple Mons with the same type every region, I don't see what's so special about those two you mentioned.


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