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My plans for Black...

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So right now I'm playing White I have all 8 badges and now Audino grinding my team so they'll be at lv 70 before I fight the E4 (Okay I know I'm way overleveled but I wanted my Volcarona to have Bug-Buzz)

So once I'm done I'm gonna Transfer the Shiny Beast and a Macargo and Rypherior...

The Shiny Bast are for Zoroark and
the other to is once I start Black

I'm gonna try and get a female snivy trade it to White and breed it with Rhypherior so I can have a Snivy with Iron-Tail

Macargo I'm gonna breed with a Litwik so I can have one with Heat Wave abd Flame Thrower

And for an Axew trade over an Aggron or it's prevo's with Iron Tail and Earthquake for the baby Axew

Breed a Dusion withan Alakazam knowing Psyshock/Psychic/Focas Blast and trick Room

And probably breed a Wargle and Tympo so I can have a Flying and Water Pokemon

So after I do all that breeding I'll trade the eggs over and hatch them for my Black team... any thing you guys can help me improve on I'm new to the whole chain breeding for certion moves thing...

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  1. Fennel's Avatar
    Lv. 70? Nice! Mine were at Lv. 55.
  2. Articwolf10's Avatar
    Well... I had Larvesta and I am oppsesed with having fully evolved pokemon so... any ideas for my black team?


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