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A look into the Fire Type Gen I

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by , 6th August 2011 at 09:27 PM (412 Views)
SO here we are again I'm redoing this and hopefully it's better... so lets start

Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard
5/5 Flames

So here is where we start... The First Fire type in the national Dex and the one of the most in/famous pokemon in the seires the Charmander line! I guess most of us remember back in the day when the Pokemon came into US and conquered the world Charmander and his friends Bulbasaur and Squirtle were the three pokemon you choose from. (Except for Yellow where Pikachu was your starter though you got the Trio early in the game afterwards)

H was considered the hardest of the Starters to train due to his weakness against the first three gyms (Well Surge only counts if you grinded enough to have Charizard by the time you get to Vermillion) But yet he was the most popular of the orignal trio because he was a dragon (but not a dragon though he's in the Dragon Egg group...)

As I said he's an all around good pokemoon with great stat distrobution and a very broad move-poll his biggest flaw is his 4x's weakness to Rock and therfore Stealt Rock sending him plummiting to the UU tier. (But since access to SR is greatly reduced in Gen V maybe that can change)

He however has severat moves to counter his infamous weakness. (Focas-Blast/Brick-Break/EQ/Bulldoze/Solar-Beam) so al his not lost for our little not-dragon.

Vulpix & Ninetales
5/5 Flames
So we leave our Dragons and go to the first of several Canine Fire types the Vulpix line! Vulpix is an unique little pokemon being the only known Fire type that has a greater chance of being Female then Male.. She is based on the mythical Kitsune of Japanese legend that can breathe fire (An interesting note that both Ninetales and Zorroark can learn Flame Thrower a refrence to that part of the legend maybe) and create illusions that look so real that it can drive you mad (Which is shown in a Anime episode non the less long before the Zorua line was created which makes me think that Ninetales should've gotten Illusion as a DW ability)

She is a good pokemon often seen as a counterparts to Growlith as their gender ratio in reversed. She has a good movepool though not as large as Charizard and is a very good Nasty Plot sweeper if allowed the chance to power up. She also get a DW ability in Drought which makes her really popular in Sun centered teams (Though I still say Illusion wuld have fit her better being based off the Kitsune after all)

Growlith & Arcanine
5/5 Flames

Wow SO far all the Fire types have gotten a 5/5 from me lol but this is my facorite pokemon of all time right here Growlith and his evo Arcanine! Now like Ninetales he evolves via the use of a fire stone and he is most famous for having the highest BST of all pokemon that evolve once (And before Slaking had the highest BST of all None Legendary.Psuedo-Legenary pokemon) His Signiture move is Extreemspeed (though other pokemon can learn it) and he hits like an armored truck since both his Attack and Special Attack are extremly high (110 and 100) combined with Good Defenseive stats (80 in both) and excellent Speed (95) he has a fantastic Stat Distrobution. He also has a broad Movepool on par if not better then Charizard.

He is blessed with several fighting type moves (Close-Combat/Double Kick and Reversal) to deal with his weakness to Rock and Ground and even learns an Electric move (Wild Charge) to deal with water and even get's Iron-Tail through Breeding. All and all a fantastic pokemon imo though I could be biased...

They are most famous for being used as Police Dos by Officer Jenny and are known to be extremly loyal and Arcanines Dex entries always praise his power and beauty as well as his speed

Ponyta & Rapidash
4/5 Flames
So this is the first pokemon I didn't give a 5/5 rating to... the Ponyta line. This is an interesting pokemon to be sure. a flaming horse (and in Rapidash's case a flaming unicorn) they are decent pokemon though I never really used them... Rapidash has a solid Stat Distrobution except for HP and a They're movepool is somewhat limited since they don't learn many moves of other types (though Rapidash can learn Megahorn argualby the best Bug move in game)

Though often ignored they became mandatory in D/P due to the Horrid Regional Dex at the time. being the only non-starter Fire type since for some reason Magmar wasn't avable pre-leauge despite having a new evo thoughg they thankfully fixed it in Pt.

Magby, Magmar, Magmortar
4/5 Flames
I know that Magby and Magmortar are Gen II/IV pokemon but to save time I'm putting them with Magmar... SO the Magmar line were to begin... well they are cenrtianly unique pokemon to say the least... Well... hm... They are pokemon I'm not really familur with to be honest though I like this line all the same.

Magmortal has a montstrous SATK of 125 insanly high for a non-legendary pokemon (and later topped a Gen later with Chandelure with his whomping 145 SATK stat) And has a great movepool that allows him to counter every single one of his weakness
(Learning EQ Focasblast Thunderbolt and of course SolarBeam. not to mention all the other fighting moves he gets (which begs the question why he isn't a Fire/Fighting type)

He's a very versatile pokemon with a great move-pool and a fantastic SATK well thats it for Magmar...


3/5 Flames
SO here we go again another Canid pokemon... Flareon... Like Ninetales he's quite uniquein the fact that he is the only fire type not to evolve from another Fire type evolving from Eeveea Normal type. Like the other Eeveelutions he has a BST of 525 and his highest stat is attack with a monstrous 130

though sadly he has a mostly special movepool but has a much lower 95 in that stat (not that 95 is bad it's excellent but his high attack is wasted on moves like Fire Fang being one of the few physical STAb moves he gets... and a weird lack of Flareblitz which has frequently been noted.

With his wasted attack stat and limited movepool he is often considered the worst Eeveelution though he is quite cute...


4/5 Flames
So here is where we end this one... Moltres the Phoenix (Not to be confused with Ho-oh who is also a phoenix but the eastren idea of the phoenix Moltres is based on the western phoenix...

One of the Bird Trio with a BST of 580 and the First Fire Legend Moltres is pretty well known (considering the fact that him and his brothers have been whored out so much it makes snese why thats true) He is also the onl Fire Type to learn SolarBeam via level-up 9Though Every single fully evolved Fire type can learn it... He is of course very powerful and learns a bunch o fmoves but like Charizard has the dreaded 4x's weakness to rock...

So that is it for now... I'll do Gen II later and should I just put Gen IV with III or V?

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
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    Charizard: His crippling weakness and tier position makes me wonder why he's still popular; it could've ruined his rep. Whenever you plan to use Charizard or Moltres, you're forced to add a rapid spinner on your team thus wasting a slot for another Pokemon you want (that's something I hate to do). Also, Charizard doesn't have the stats to use EQ to beat electric types, and Solarbeam's too risky as it's a 2-turn move, plus so many weather changers. This is why it should get Earth Power and maybe Energy Ball.

    Ninetales: You've forgot to mention it having Energy Ball giving it complete coverage on its only weaknesses, leaving more room for others.

    Arcanine: Kudos to our favorite fire dog.

    Rapidash: It needs a better fighting move to cover rock types, so it won't be limited as a mix sweeper. This leaves it only weak to Ground, which take neutral damage from fire moves (just stay away from water/ground types as a reminder). Also, HARMONY HARMONY ALL LOVE!

    Magmortar: It's got almost everything it needs, yet it's still a NU Pokemon. This proves that even with necessary evolutions, they'll still be treated like crud.

    Flareon: He has no real moves.

    Moltres: Not a big fan of the fire bird, so no comment.
  2. Pandantic's Avatar
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    wow did people actually have a Charizard by the time they fought Surge? I would never have a hope of doing that.
  3. winstein's Avatar
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    There is something in FireRed and LeafGreen that gives Charmander a chance to get past the first Gym, which is a move called Metal Claw. This is more or less a blessing because at least Charmander has something to hurt Geodude and Onix with, though it may take some time since both has a higher Defence.

    I find it interesting that you think the tale of a nine-tailed fox is Japan-exclusive, because last I checked, the Chinese and Korean has similar legends. This is also referring to the post where you don't believe that Zoroark can represent the gumiho. By the way, what do you mean Ninetales doesn't evolve from a Fire-type that you mention in Flareon's entry? Vulpix is a Fire-type as well!

    It's more detailed than your last blog, so that's great, but the comments could use more elaboration on why certain Pokemon deserve the rating, especially those 5 out of 5 ones. In terms of competitive battling, you can elaborate more on why the qualities make them great, although I understand when you didn't give enough depth on the Pokemon's capabilities. Also, your English could be better, because a good and proper language makes an article more readable.

    Thanks for reading.
  4. Articwolf10's Avatar
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    That was a typo XD I might not have noticed itif you hadnt brought it up. AndI'm trying my Grammer isn't that great ut i've gotten better and thanks =)


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