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A look at Fire Pokemon Gen I

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Okay... I seen Rusty Shakleford do one of these on Fighting Pokemon... and I decided to try one with Fire types... (Hopefully I won't get into trouble...)

SO Let's see some Fire Type Pokemon shall we?

5/5 Flames

SO We start with the Charmander line... These guys are among the most iconic Pokemon of all time...

I have always loved these guys Being my favorite Starter line (Hey I'm a sucker for Fire Types) And they're cool design. While admittably uncreative still looks bad-ass and not copy-paste like other Gen I evo's (I'm looking at you Muk/Magneton/Dotrio)

They are extremly poweful with a high BST 534. of however... Charizard is crippled by a 4x's weakness to rock being the first Pokemon in Nat-Dex order have one

They're basis are kinda obvious Charizard expesully... Charmander and Charmeleon are based on the mythical Salamander. While Charizard is based on the stereotypical European Dragon.

Charizard is also notted for being the first version Mascot (Red and it's Remake Fire-Red)

4/5 Flames

SO We're done with Dragons... Now we are at one of the two canind Fire Familes... The Vulpix Line!

Vulpix and her Evo are unique in several ways. Most notible is the fact that They are the only Fire Type to have a Gender Ratio that make Males rarer then Females (75% Female) And are famous for being able to live to 1000 years. and she is the First Pokemon in Nat-Dex Order to Evolve Via Fire-Stone

A funny note that this is referenced in the Anime in EP 232 A Ninetales Thought Brock was her long lost Master who had died many years ago...

They are pretty good Pokemon with a BST of 510... Ninetales is somewhat of a defensive Pokemon as her highest stat are Speed and S-Defense which are 100... But her other stats are well rounded making her a stable Pokemon. She also gets the extremly powerful drought.

Like the Carmander Family the Orgins of this family are obvious with those who are familier to Japanese folklore (Or have seen Inuyasha as one of the Major Characters is a fox Demon) They are based on the Kitsune... A Powerful fox demon that can live up to a 1000 years.

The most powerful is the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune (The 9 Tailed Fox) Legend has it that for every century a fox lives they gain a tail and grow more powerful. They are also known to create illusions and can desgise themselves as human (Which the Ninetales in 232 was doing)

5/5 Flames

SO here we are... The Growlith line. These Guys are my favorite Pokemon so I'm a bit biased...

Like Ninetales Arcanine Evolves with a Fire stone. They can be considered Gender Counterparts due to having the same Evo method and having the same Gender Ratio (75%) However THey have different BST (Arcanine's being 45 points higher) Different DM Abilities (Ninetales gets drought while Arcanine get's Righteous Heart (which is a rip-off he should'vr gotten Drought as well)

Arcanine are considered to be 'Legendary' though they aren't counted as Legendary Pokemon. The Pokedex makes numrous refernces to his Speed (R/B/Ru/S/E/FR/LG) His Magnifcent nature (G/S/HG/SS) And his Proud and Regal Nature (D/P/Pt/B/W)

He was until Gen V The most powerful Pokemon that evolves once (A spot that was taken from him by Archeos who has a BST of 567) But is still the Strongest non Legendary Fire Type in the Game...

Like the First two they're orgins are easy to identify Growith is based on a puppy. While Arcanine is based on a Ryukyuan Shisa (AKA the Lion-Dog

3/5 Flames

Now that we are done with the Canind FIre Types we move on to the Ponyta line. These guys are pretty bice though not my favorite Fire Type...

They are very Fast as Rapidash's Highest stat is Speed (105) and also have a high Attack (100) Her S-ATK and S-Defense are good (80) But her Hp (65) and Defense (70) are somewhat lackluster

Rapidash in notible for being the Kanto Pokemon Fan Club President's favorite Pokemon and will continue for awhile (And is kind enoug to give you a Bike Voucher in retern

Like all the other's the have easy orgins being based on horses. However they like Charizard have a European orgin (Greek to be exact) as they can be seen as being based on the Fiery Steeds that pulled the Sun God Helios's Sun Chariot

3/5 Flames

Yes.. I'm aware that Magby and Magmortar are not Gen I pokemon BUT for the sake of convience They are in this article.

These guys are intersting. Though I don't know much about them as I never really used them they are good Pokemon Ugly yes... but cool. Magmortar has a BST of 540 which is excellent. His Highest Stat being S-ATK (125) and his lowest is Defense (67)

Magmar is one of two (The Other being Hitomoshi who'll be covered later) non-starter Fire Types to be part of a 3 Stage line. Magby is hatched from an Egg and evolves to Magmar at Lv:30 (Something he shares with Jynx and Electabuzz) and evolves further into Magmortar Via trade with Magmarizer

Unlike the previous Fire Pokemon his orgin is tricky... but not uber hard. He can be seen to be based on a duck and a Salamander...


Now we are to another Canid Pokemon... Flareon! One of the Orginal Eveelutions (A Fan-Name so popular it was eventually adobted by GF itself.)

He is an interesting Pokmon... His Attack is amazingly high however he doesn't get many STAB Physical Moves (Only having Fire-Fang) And for some reason he doesn't get Flare-Blitz...

Like I stated earlier his Attack is really High (130) And his S-ATK is also high (110). Like all Eevelutions his BST is 525.

He is notible for being owned by Both a Eevee Brother (Pyro) and a Kimono Girl(Miki (games) and Koume (Anime)) And is Currently the Only Fire Type not to evolve from another Fire Type Evoliving from the Normal Typed Eevee

He is based on a Fox like Ninetales but with Pomeranian touches... He like Arcanine and Ninetales evolves via Fire-Stone)


SO here we are... The Last Fire Type in Gen I Moltres the Phoenix... He and Charizard are the only Dual-typed Fire Pokemon in Gen I (Interestingly they are both Fire/Flying) He is a member of the Bird Trio ruled by Lugia (Or at least in the Anime) and has a BST of 580 the highest of all Fire Types in Gen I (Matched by Entei and surpassed by Ho-oh)

He is based on the Legenary Phoenix and posibly Suzaku the Legendary Guardian of the South or the Slavic Fire-Bird...

That's it for now I was going to do Gen II as well but I couldn't fit all the Pictures... Hope you Guys Like it

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  1. Kars's Avatar
  2. Angad's Avatar
    Could be a bit better, good start, though. Ninetales got Drought, instead of Arcanine, because it was normally outclassed so it deserved the exclusive ability of Drought.
  3. Kars's Avatar
    yeah arcanine got some new moves too
  4. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Isn't Moltres based on a western phoenix whereas Ho-oh is based on an eastern one?

    Anyways, it could use a bit of improvement in the grammar and the layout, but overall it was a nice first blog.
  5. winstein's Avatar
    As per your request, I decided to tell you the improvements you can make from the blog, so that you can have better future entries. It's nice that you decided to review the Fire-types, but as of now, it is not perfect yet.

    - You should expand on your opinions and give more of it. A review is also about giving your own opinions, beyond only saying what is your favourite and what is not, like the physical description, or the usefulness of the Pokemon, because your opinions give a review your own personal flavour. It should also make each paragraph beefier, making it more pleasant to read. Besides, it's nice to hear why you like or don't like the Pokemon too.
    - Saying the base stats alone isn't enough, because a Pokemon is more than their base stats. It is also their movepool and abilities, so saying stuff like base 100 speed is high is, well, very obvious. You have to state why it's a good thing. For example, Flareon: Sure, Flareon has great attack, but he is hindered by a lack of Physical moves to take advantage of the high attack, like not having Flare Blitz, and it's also said that every Flareon fan wants him to be able to learn that move.
    - Proper spelling and grammar makes a review easier to read, because improper grammar and spelling just makes a review doesn't feel right, so it's important to review your review before posting for any errors you encounter.
    - Formatting is a little untidy, so to speak. You need to label the Pokemon, which you didn't do, so above the Charizard line pictures, put the title: Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard.

    These are basically my opinions on how your review can be bettered, so you might want to consider those. Hopefully your future reviews are a better read!

    Thanks for reading.


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