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It snowed today.

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All of my what.

See, I live in Texas, and it was in the '80s (Farenheight) practically all last week. It started raining on and off late last night, and then the thunderstorms began around 5:00 this morning. There was a little hail, but nothing damaging as far as I know.

And then my dad woke up to take a heartburn pill at 6. My little brothers took this as their cue. @_@ Two years ago, they got everyone up at 4:45.

So anyways, I went back to sleep after we opened all our presents, woke up later, and helped my middle brother set up his new Playstation.

I've spent most of the afternoon watching One Piece (not a gift, but I did get Collections 6-8 this morning). I also received the Cowboy Bebop Complete Collection, and an Android Tablet from my grandparents for college. It's been a good day, and I hope everyone else has had a good one, too.

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