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Countdown to Black and White 2, Part 4

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Three days remaining.

First off, let me say... the Battle Frontier rap is incredibad. Like. It's worse than the Grand Tour rap AND the One Piece rap combined.

Now, back to your normal programming...

Another trend I've noticed in the more recent Pokémon games is the shift toward a more plot-based experience, which I've mentioned already. Anyways, it's something I like. I remember playing through Johto for the first time in Crystal and, after hearing so many good things about it, felt incredibly underwhelmed. You encounter Team Rocket all of three times, plus that one guy in Kanto, and they're all just too easy. And in Black and White, you encounter Team Plasma in almost every location, and they actually play an important part in the overall plot. Black and White 2 seem to be taking this direction even further, continuing the plot threads left untied in their predecessors.

So, once again, I ask you, Bulbagardeners, how do you guys feel about this? Do you like the newer game plots, or do you prefer the older, more blank-slate plots (that you pretty much had to make up on your own)?

Okay, so maybe I'm leading you guys. It's just something I feel the newer games do so much better than the old.

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  1. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    The newer plots, all the way.

    In Gen VI, will they write the whole story with sequels in mind? (BW2 weren't thought of until very late in BW's development)
  2. Juuchan17's Avatar
    I personally like the newer plots. The blank-slate plots of Gen I and II bored me to the point of me having someone else finish the game [sadly this is so true]... but the newer/recent stuff? I could play it and it was engaging to see where the plot was headed. It was... pretty amazing, at least with the DPPt plot and obviously with the BW plot, which was done awesomely.

    - Juuchan17
  3. Lugion's Avatar
    @UnovaCastaway; Hmm. Can you provide a source for that? I'd be very much interested in reading about it.

    I'm really not sure if they will, but it's possible. I know it's very popular to plan for sequels ahead of time right now.
  4. RaccoonGoon's Avatar


  5. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    @Lugion It was just a hunch I had. I don't have any insider info, obviously, I'm just predicting patterns. (which have been chopped and screwed this gen)
  6. MegaCharr's Avatar
    I really like video games with lots of in depth story line and I felt that the resent Pokemon games story lines I really like because its not like as you guys said...Its all gameplay and a story line that's blank like the perveious games...


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