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The Blogrog of Moria

But wait, there's more!

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State your name: Caleb
Gender: Male
(For U.S citizens) Which state do you live in?: Texas
Sexuality: Yes, thank you.
Age: 18
Race: Every white you can think of.
Personality: Have you ever heard of Son Gohan?
History: Uhh, I got a 4 on it.
Dominant Hand: Right.
Dominant Eye: Hang on, they haven't fought to the death yet.
Xbox or Playstation?: Playstation
LotR or Star Trek?: Lord of the Rings
Preferred Salad Dressing: Ranch?
Republican or Democrat?: No.
Favorite Kind of Pizza: Favorite?
Read the Book or saw the Movie?: Read the book first, then see the movie.
Right Brained or Left Brained?: Golden.
Uses a Night-Light?: The moon count?
Favorite Animal: Sun Wukong?
Favorite dog breed: Well, we have a chocolate lab, so...
Favorite Person on Bulbagarden: Why thank you. That's flattering.
Single, Taken, or Both?: Uhh, Videl? A little help here?
Batman or Spiderman?: Well, Batman doesn't need superpowers to be awesome.
Believes 'The Wizard of Oz' Harbors a Thinly Veiled Political Message?: Not really.
Great Grandmother's Maiden Name: Grant
Believes in Aliens?: Well, I have fought some before.
Believes in Ghosts?: One helped me fight a guy once.
Believes in Bigfoot?: Sure.
Glass Half Full?: Until I accidentally break it.
If transformed into a maniacal supervillain, their Legions of Terror will wear what insignia?: The One-Star ball.
What would your super-power be?: Well, I'm the strongest person on Earth.
Edward or Jacob?: No. Caleb.
Who Would Win in a Fight, Xena or Chuck Norris?: Xena.
Potato: GLaDOS?

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