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Too Many People is such a stellar song. So good. Whatever, on to the important stuff.

This guy let himself into my dorm today and threw himself on my bed. He's friend, right? So normally - hey, no problem. But as of late? He's been a massive shithead. So I'm sitting playing Borderlands 2 with my friends and he keeps butting in our conversation after doing the same thing last night, all the while being a massive tool. So of course, I'm not having it. So I get fed up and I straight up tell him to get out.

His response? To start badgering me about what is wrong. Again, I tell him to get out. But he just keeps badgering me. Thoroughly fed up, I just stop. I'm furious. So he leaves. All is well, right? Nope. He shows up like fifteen minutes later and starts acting like a little bitch again. I cannot deal with him. I'm seriously seriously tired of him as of late.

He pitched a hissy and put up an absolutely awful video on our channel because it was "his" personal project, even though literally no one else wanted it up. To make matters worse, Mason and myself (two of the three founders of this channel) were opposed to it. So his solution? Since I only "own" thirty percent of the channel - as opposed to his thirty five - my opinion is worthless. He's acting like a total child, despite everyone else wanting what is best for our channel. I'm really disgusted with him as of late. Ugh. Whatever. Later, BMGf.

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