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Moonbase 2


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by , 31st August 2012 at 09:04 PM (236 Views)
So I came home for the weekend. According to what I've told anyone, it's because I have to go to a family get together, and also to get the stuff I forgot (brush, scrunchie, face wash, bla bla bla).

Unofficially? My cell upgrade goes into effect tomorrow. I want a new phone. This is in part reinforced by the fact that my trusty old Samsung Focus crapped out on me. Stopped working entirely. Sadness ensued, followed by the realization I can get an iPhone 3GS for free with my upgrade. Damon was like "HURR GET THE FOUR HURR HURR" but... that shit is expensive, and the 3GS?

Free. I don't care it's a couple years old, it's free. Boo yah.

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    We're switching to Verizon in November.


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