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Very few people will read this, but whatever, I need a place to put my thoughts and feelings. So it's a good thing not many people will read.
I used to watch the forums all the time. Things were always interesting there, and they had a policy of keeping their site "Free of lame."
It's cool, the staff there were always able to tell a joke when they see one. And people were always arguing over whether pokemon and Earthbound were based off each other... Anyway, I just turned 19 this Monday. Hooray. I noticed that I made a grievous error after joining this community: Involving myself in the real world part of the forum. People were discussing gay marriage and stuff, and one member wanted to leave because of the highly liberal bias he noticed... And people were sort of... guilt-tripping him, it seemed like. Anyway, it seemed cold. That's when I made the mistake of posting there... Saying the whole "Liberal vs. Conservative" routine was overdone, and not to leave a forum of nice people just because they do lean to one side. I quoted Abe Lincoln, saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand. ...I'm not surprised, but I do think it sucks. Nobody even looks at the threads I post in the offering part because of that, and this will probably follow me around the whole time I'm on the site. I don't think in situations where you have to choose between two people, or groups thereof, that either should be favored because you are of that group, but if it makes sense to you, that's the path you should take. Recently, I had an experience with a bully at a place I call "The Clubhouse." It's similar to school, but they teach all sorts of skills that aren't specifically targeted in school, like how to organize your life, deal with people, and avoid relationships with people who are "toxic". This kid had been bothering me for sometime, and I ignored it. He'd just start ranting and lose his head, while spewing stupid crap... from his mouth. Eventually, I talked with the staff. I didn't say he was just annoying me, he would pull all sorts or stupid things like call the cabby gay, stick a piece of paper in your ear while your restingyour head, etcetera. After talking about it with the staff, it got worse. I asked to be excused from class to use the bathroom, he was in it. I took the stall next to it. 4-13 minutes passed, until we were the only ones in the bathroom. He commented on my struggling. He was done doing his business, because not only did he flush, he stood up, (I could see the bottom of his feet) then sat right back down. After another comment, I asked why he was paying attention to me in the bathroom, if he disliked me so much. Then, he does what he seems best at, he goes off on a tangent and rants about stuff like being in the bathroom for me, "How can I intimidate someone 3 times my size, stop telling the staff, I'm bullying you, or I'll start bullying you. As he rants he's walking out. He shuts the bathroom light off. I managed fine without the light, and turned it back on. That was the last straw right there. I was overcome by rage, but I took a big stick policy, like Teddy Roosevelt, my favorite president. IRL, I'm a big guy. I'm 6'3'' and a half. I trained as a boxer at an MMA club for two months. I went to the staff about this situation immediately. Truth be told, I wasn't scared of him. I was scared of losing my cool and beating the kid to a pulp. That's why I made sure to make the staff aware of this. I knew one thing though: It had been drilled in my head in kindergarten, and it was still being drilled in my head over here. "It doesn't matter who starts, or anything like that. You'll both be punished and asked to leave." Eventually this lead to a conference involving me and my adviser, talking with him and his adviser. Truth be told, I din't remember everything he had done in the past, but I have it written down. If I wanted to, I could charge him on assault, but I figure that we have to learn to co-exist in the same environment if our time at the clubhouse was to continue. I brought up various topics, he spent half the time insulting me and putting me down, dancing around the main issues. At one point, I pointed out that they were oversimplifying things. When they tried to say that the incident in the bathroom ended with him walking away with it, it didn't. It ended with him ranting, threatening me, then pulling an aggressive act light turning off the lights on purpose. At one point, I had to say: "Not only are you lying and dancing around the issues, you're helping him do it!" Talking first to him, then his adviser. Eventually the metting ended with no winners, only losers, and him saying: "I can't believe this took up over 45 minutes of my time. I apologize that this took so much time." speaking to his adviser. Well, I learned a few things from that session. There's no playing fair with him, he's homophobic, and I'm not his only victim. Speaking with my adviser, she asked if I would be okay with being moved to another bus, I first said no, I want the same rights as him. After a while, I realized that there was no point in fighting him, it could only end bad for me. I then agreed to be moved to another bus. Then, he was moved to another bus. He was angry about this, calling me out in the hallway "Hey, I got kicked off the bus because of you!" I heard him speak. I didn't even talk back, or turn around. I didn't have to take any crap from him, he brought the situation upon himself. I also asked for perspective from my family. Dad said he was a reverse vampire, or a psychic vampire. He picks on other people to make them feel bad, then he thrives on the negative energy he created. Ever get picked on, feel rage, then have it leave your body? It's not you letting go of your anger, it's the bully knowing he made you feel that way, and taking that emotion and absorbing it. Sounds crazy, don't it? believe it or not, emotionsd are a type of energy, and with the correct personality, a person can become a "Psychic Vampire."
Whenever he saw me, he'd get angry, walking away, cursing to himself, but he hadn't changed. While waiting on line for lunch, he was yelling at a kid behind me. He had found a new victim.

.....That was quite a rant I did. Did he rub off on me? I hope not. Anyway, I have been working on something for the past 2-3 weeks, a short story originally intended for the Pokemon URPG, but based off of having a bully. It takes place in Sinnoh, The main character, a fifteen year old student at Jubilife's trainer school. His name is Shin Musoudo. His last name is japanese for "Dreamer." It's about how he captures a Budew and uses his brains in stead of brawn, to overcome a bully problem. I'm almost done with it, it's 18 pages long. I wonder, should I post it in the URPG if it's this long? Or the writer's section? Well, as long as it passes the character number requirement, I should get a Budew.
If you wanna battle me in the URPG, send me a PM. My AIM, which I got specifically for the URPG, is

Also, you can VM/PM me about anything. I give away spiritombs and other rare pokemon. I like to talk to people even if we're not going to be friends.

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  1. Mako's Avatar
    You lost me at 'gay marriage.'
  2. ryuji's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The_Jabberwock
    You lost me at 'gay marriage.'
    You lost me at this.
  3. Mako's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ryuji
    You lost me at this.
    I mean, the whole thing started blurring into itself after that point.
  4. ryuji's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The_Jabberwock
    I mean, the whole thing started blurring into itself after that point.
    You mean it all ran together? Like... The way I wrote it, seemed to keep everything linked into each other? I tend to write like that. I like to focus things so they eventually meet the same end. >.> Thinking ahead, however, this looks like I'm being baited into saying something I shouldn't say to anyone. I would appreciate it if we kept this constructive. Seeing your new moderator status and blog leads me to believe you'd enjoy it if I gave you a plausible reason to ban me... So, from here on out, please don't single me out. I'll even offer not to respond to any posts you make in the future, Just because I enjoy my time on this forum, and would like to stay.
  5. Mako's Avatar
    Um, no, i'd just appreciate it if you broke your post into seperate paragraphs ^^;

    There's no ulterior motive.
  6. ryuji's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The_Jabberwock
    Um, no, i'd just appreciate it if you broke your post into seperate paragraphs ^^;

    There's no ulterior motive.
    Ah! That... You have a constructive point!
    Believe it or not, you surprised me. I think I'm enjoying this... I haven't been critiqued like this since surreal*twilight. It's been a while. Let me forewarn you nothing in this post is sarcasm. :) If you ever want to discuss something controversial, I'd be interested. You have a brain that works as well as mine did back when I was in high school. I tend to forget things I'm talking about while I'm still discussing them. I must've gotten rusty, dealing with that bully... you have sincerely earned my respect, and I'm starting to feel like I'm actually around someone smarter than me. It's like, doing nice things for people is nice for me, but dealing with people who are better than you is a thrill.
    ...You are a good choice for your position.
    Btw, how did you find my blog and respond to it so fast? is there a blog searcher?
    If you didn't believe me, I'll say it once more: this post isn't sarcastic.
    Edit: Noticing your name, were you ever on the D&D forums? there's someone there who has the same name, and jabberwocks are related to D&D.
  7. Tiki Man's Avatar
    Wow i can't believe i just read all that. Anyway that guy sounds like a real jerk. I wouldn't blame you for getting all worked up over the situation. I hate it when people turn the lights off in the bathroom just for the lulz.


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