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If you've got the time, go grab a pen.

Everbody, it's official.

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Two of the nifty-est guys in Bulbargardan' are now Bulbagarden Internet Friends For Life.

@Mako and I! It's like if Optimus Prime and Jesus were double-dutch partners. I'm serious. Why did this radical friendship take so long to become "Bulbargardan' Official", you ask? Did they put peanut butter and chocolate toghether over night?

Didn't think so.

Mako! Let's ride a bicycle made out of our dreams and friendship into the future.

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  1. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    And then we can become space cowboys and have wild space cowboy adventures in space!
  2. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    Aww, how sweet and adorkable! :) Friendship rules!
  3. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    It's neither sweet nor adorable.

    It's radical and extreme.
  4. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    See you, space cowboys.
  5. Lugion's Avatar
  6. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    ^ That was MFW, yes.


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