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Story Deal Competition!

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Hello everyone

For those of you that have visited the Stories section on the URPG lately, you will have noticed my idea about running a contest to win story deals.

I decided I would do a trial one to see how well it works. Answer the ten questions based around my stories, and you can request a Medium or Hard level Pokemon for me to write a story for ya :)

1. What moves did the Dragonite in Left Behind Part 5 use over the cause of his rampage?

2. What six Pokemon has Trevor Archer caught in The Moral Highground for the Pokemon Catchers?

3. What is the name of the town where Agustin Hendrix lives, in Haunted?

4. Jericho Athlew lives in which Kanto city....

5. ... but was abandoned in which Johto city?

6. Who had a car crash in The Moral Highground Part 3?

7. What legendary Pokemon does Blue use against Dragonite in Left Behind Part 5?

8. What pokemon does the mysterious man own in Haunted?

9. Alexis went to battle which gym leader in Left Behind Part 4?

10. What is the name of Trevor Archer's brother, and what Pokemon was caught for him by the Pokemon Catchers?

Bonus Question: Name all of Jericho Athlew's Pokemon, their nicknames and where he caught them.

Post here saying if you are interested or not, and then PM me your answers. If you get 8-10 correct, you can get a Hard Pokemon, but if you get less the 7 correct, you can only get a Medium if you win. But, if you get 5 questions and the bonus question correct, you can win a Hard mon.

Good luck ;)

- You are only allowed to answer each question once. You can submit the answers in parts, but you can't re-submit an answer
- All entries must be in by Saturday 18th 2010, a week from now
- Remember it is a story deal, but you are just getting the chance to do a Hard one, which lots of people don't usually do.

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Updated 10th September 2010 at 05:17 PM by AceTrainer14



  1. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
    Ok I'll guess I'll be thefirst one to give it a try
  2. RainbowMoondust's Avatar
    Firstly, I'm pretty sure that #1 should say this instead. Changed parts are slanted. And story names should be underlined.

    1. What moves did the Dragonite in Left Behind Part 5 use?
    Edit: You already fixed this one

    And this one-

    What is the name of the town where Agustin Hendrix lives in, in Haunted?

    Edit2: And I'll be answering the questions. Maybe. I'm not sure.
    Updated 10th September 2010 at 05:32 PM by RainbowMoondust
  3. Lurking's Avatar
    Well, I'll just post here to say that I'm signing up.

    *and technically, it should be:

    "In Haunted, what is the name of the town in which Agustin Hendrix lives?"

    *end grammar nerd time*
  4. Dinobot's Avatar
    I'll give this a shot


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