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The Galactic Verse Bibliography

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Hello everyone! :D

Here is an updated list of old and new stories that make up "The Galactic Verse", the universe the majority of my stories are in, in their chronological order of the world

A Wish on Freedom - CONCLUDED
Victoria Freeman is a slave, working on a corrupt dairy farm in the heart of Johto. Tired of being stuck in this hellish place, she and two friends, along with a curious Miltank, escape and flee towards Hoenn for the Jirachi Star Festival. But with only a few days left and a malicious madman after them: will Victoria make it in time?

Dawn of Darkness - CONCLDUDED
It's Summer 1985, and Viktor Fisher is planning to enter the local science competition, hoping to finally win with one of his inventions. But after his cousin Volkner's best friend Flint continues to mock him about his battling, Viktor attempts to train up for the Tag Battle Competition. He finds a partner in the mysterious Cynthia, a girl on the look out for a special book, and they agree to help each other with their issues. But as Viktor enters the murky world of Sinnoh History, he finds himself going down a dark path that not even those closest to him can pull him out of, leading towards deception, betrayal and war that will shape Sinnoh for years to come

The First Warriors
In a retelling of Red vs Leaf, this new take follows Red, Leaf and Blue as they are finally allowed to go out on their Pokemon adventures. They expect to enjoy themselves, but find themselves the targets of Team Rocket before they even leave Pallet Town: for some reason, Giovanni wants them dead before his plans for domination can begin, and the trio is forced to survive him as they struggle to work out what the organization is doing and find their own relationships tested.

Kris vs Gold - CONCLUDED
Krsytal Soul's Pokemon Tourney plans are disrupted when she spakrs a rivalry with arrogant rich boy Ethan "Gold" Hartley. She must now do battle against him to prove herself, and while she attempts to find her father.

Left Behind - CONCLUDED
Jerciho Athlew's idea of running away from his family while on holiday backfires when he must attempt to travel back to Kanto by himself. With the aide of an older trainer, and the hinderance of many things, will Jericho reunite with them?

Four trainers, Vanessa, Xavier, Sahara and Matthew, all begin their Pokemon journeys. However, they get involved with Team Galactic, along with a boy called Charles who arrives in Sinnoh under strange circumstances, and only they are able to stop this villianous organization as they plot to destroy the world.

The Moral Highground
Trevor Archer dreams of proving himself for the charity organization "The Pokemon Catchers", catching Pokemon for those that can't due to illness. However, when his malicious head Isabella Frost ropes him into stealing people's Pokemon, Trevor faces a crisis about what to do: prove himself by either stealing or defeating a powerful group?

Resolutions - CONCLUDED
A BurningLeaf Shipping story that does tie in with the GalacticVerse, showing Red and Leaf getting together over the course of a New Year's Eve 2010 and giving into their love.

How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps
Alaska Acevedo is enraged when her arch enemy gets a role on a reality show following new trainers. In attempt to prove she's better, Alaska sets off on her journey. But it appears things aren't quite right in Kanto: two mysterious figures are following her, and it appears there is a secret agenda by the reality show that only she can stop.

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  1. derian's Avatar
    Wow so much writing. Nice work!
  2. Ebail's Avatar
    You write a lot, though tbh the only story I read is KvG, still though thats a pretty damn good story


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