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Example of Writer's Log

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Welcome to AceTrainer14's Writing Log! Here, you can easily find all of my stories, and I will be discussing some possible ideas for stories, characters, etc.

Completed Stories:
A Lover's Tiff
Dawn is hoping to get a bit closer to Ash at a tropical party at a local Pokemon Center. However, old travelling companion Misty shows up, and the two girls end up facing off in a battle for the boy's affections.

Stories in Progress:
Kris vs Gold: A Tale of War
Kris Soul is hoping to have a peaceful journey through Johto, with plans to beat her mother's record of defeating the Elite Four. But local rich boy Ethan "Gold" Hartley has other plans, and the two strike up a rivalry, leading to a series of dramatic battles. But Kris ends up on another quest: to find the truth about why her father abandoned her

Four new trainers (Xavier, Vanessa, Matthew and Sahara) are all beginning their journeys through Sinnoh, each with different intentions and purposes for their travels. However, the four are brought together after an attack by Team Galactic, and they must take it upon themselves to defeat the malicious group and save Sinnoh and the world from complete destruction.

Future Story Ideas:
Idea 1: I have this idea that is set in the future. A teenage boy electrocutes himself at his house by accident one day. When he wakes up, he is several decades in the future. A corrupt businessman has built over Pokemon soil in order to build hotels and office blocks. The Pokemon are out for revenge, and have begun invading cities to take back their land. The boy accidentally runs into a cold hearted assasian, who has the job of killing the businessman and stopping his greater plan to complete remove Pokemon.

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  1. derian's Avatar
    I like this! having all your works in one place that's easy to find is really convenient. if someone read one of your stories and wanted to see what else you'd written, they could just check this.

    I like the first idea you have too. however "electrocutes" is where you die from electricity. the overall idea is pretty good though. how does he survive for several decades? has he aged? was he in a hospital in a coma? people are going to wonder about this so you might want some sort of explanation, or at least suggest several possibilities and leave it up to the interpretation of the reader. good though!
  2. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    That's what the catalog/library would do.
  3. AceTrainer14's Avatar
    Derian: I'm glad you like the idea. And I was imagining it being some sort of special electricity. It was meant to cause him to switch places or time travel into this dystopic future.

    Jabber: What's that?

    I'm thinking of giving the main character some sort of condition that requires him to have a metal body part. I want him to be brought to this decade for the purpose of being the deciding factor in the businessman's overall decision. Thoughts?
  4. Kayi-chan's Avatar
    OK, we discussed this for feasibility and found it unlikely to work as you planned.

    Firstly, the Catalog. This is a project we, the Workshop's mods, are working on. Its purpose is to keep a listing of all fanfics by all authors ordered by categories, awards and, potentially, ratings too. Each fanfic will be an entry and might have a summary and its update status as an aside to the link to its thread... Hence, the Catalog keeps track of your fics.

    Secondly, the Block's state. Having a log for each writer is inefficient and is bound to cause cluttering as everyone starts their own, making the place messier. Also, there are high risks for thread necromancy and the writers' requests for help to be ignored, causing even more threads to spawn.

    Lastly, the Blogs and each fic's own thread are good places to announce updates or request for help from the readers, which is one of your purposes with the Writer Log suggestion.

    ...that is what we say. What do you think?
  5. AceTrainer14's Avatar
    I suppose I'm a bit disappointed. I hoped it would have been easier, but you guys get the final say so...


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