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The timeline in pokemon games.

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There is a fine line between fandumb, and ignorance. There are things like Giovani's death, and who Red's father is that have little or no basis, but there are plenty of hints that gen3 and gen1 roughly take place at the same time, and that Gen2 and 4 do as well.

The red gyarados program at the beginning of Diamond and Pearl.
Jasmine talks about participating in contests in HGSS and is seen during contests in Diamond Pearl and Platinum.
In Platinum Cynthia had not seen Arceus but she had for the sinjoh event.

Steven has already met Brendan/May in HeartGold and SoulSilver.
The birth island event is available for both FRLG and Emerald.

Then there are the gameplay details like trading between Kanto and Hoen; and between Johto and Sinnoh, but pal parking between generations.

The structure of releases implies the same timeline as well. Gen 2 was a sequel to gen 1. Gen 3 was a reboot of the series and they remade gen 1 during gen 3. Then did the same with gen. 2 and 4.

It could be argued that this was done for the sake of gameplay and has nothing to do with the story, but that is like saying Mario isn't very acrobatic because his various moves are available for the sake of the game and he is obviously fat. Just because a feature was added for the sake of the game does not mean it has nothing to do with the story, it just means that features affect the story.

Yes I realize it is silly to compare an RPG to a platformer, but this is something games of all genres share, and implied details is something all forms of media share.
Coloseum, XD, and Rangers are spin-off developed by companies other then Gamefreak, and they are concerned with their own stories so it is understandable that the timelines of each series is screwed up. For that reason I have never considered those games a part of the world that Gamefreak has created. They are just other events to the main series.

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  1. Trainer-c's Avatar
    Game Freak did everything except hit the player over the head by directly stating a timeline. I suppose some fans will need that before they connect the dots.


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