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Pokemon hated by Game Freak Part 1

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As we all know there are just somethings Game Freak does completely wrong. There are a few pokemon that Game Freak seems to hate for whatever reason. I have compiled a list of them that seems to make my point known. I will start this bit with a personal favorite of mine, Kingler.

Kingler had a great physical movepool when the conversion was made. Crabhammer, Return, X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Superpower, etc. I could not help but notice something that it was missing that its Generation 3 counterpart got, Waterfall.

It gets Surf, which is all fine and dandy except it is meant to be a physical sweeper. Waterfall would give it reliable damage and accuracy, which Crabhammer does not. It has to rely on an 85% ACC move that has a +1 Critical Hit. This move does not bode well simply because it could mean life or death.

Yes Crabhammer has better BP and that +1 CH. Waterfall gives it a 100% ACC move with a chance of flinch.

Not to mention it can't help but feel shafted when Troll Freak made Crawdaunt who gets both a secondary STAB AND Waterfall and Dragon Dance.

I rest my case.

Next time will be one that has soooo much potential but Troll Freak just can't pull the trigger.

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  1. mariowie's Avatar
    Yeah gamefreak are dicks :s, why isn't there a flying unicorn pokemon yet :(.
  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Kingler isn't even close in the list of Pokemon that Gamefrak hates.

    Flareon, Banette, Luvdisc are the ones that Game Freak really hates.
  3. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    Gamefreak don't hate Pokémon; the fans are never pleased.
  4. winstein's Avatar
    Wow...people still use the t-word on GameFreak. I feel sad when that happens. However, when I compared Kingler and Crawdaunt's movepools, I am inclined to say that Crawdaunt got a better deal than Kingler, mostly because of its dual-type, which grants it more privileges like all the cool stuff Dark-types get. I am sure if Kingdra is that hated, then Crabhammer's accuracy will remain 85% and Kingler is stripped of Agility. Perhaps in an act of accentuating the negative, you don't need to say these?

    I am going to guess that some of the future Pokemon you are going to focus on are Wigglytuff, Pinsir, Luvdisc and Unfezant. Looking forward to see what good things I can see in the Pokemon in question.

    Thanks for reading.
  5. Wrave's Avatar
    i will post my next entry by friday. And my next one is going to be obvious.


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