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  1. Pokemon hated by Game Freak Part 1

    As we all know there are just somethings Game Freak does completely wrong. There are a few pokemon that Game Freak seems to hate for whatever reason. I have compiled a list of them that seems to make my point known. I will start this bit with a personal favorite of mine, Kingler.

    Kingler had a great physical movepool when the conversion was made. Crabhammer, Return, X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Superpower, etc. I could not help but notice something that it was missing that its Generation ...
  2. The Top 5 Worst Sprites Part 1

    This is a series I am starting, where I will post the worst sprite of each generation. This is to keep things fair as Generation 1 will get so many to count.

    This week I will be talking about the worst sprite of Generation 1.

    The Japanese version of Red and the Japanese exclusive Mew.

    I get that Mew is supposed to be similar to a fetus but really? The thing looks like what ...