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Bull not Bul


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is a comic I'm working on. c: I thought about it, and thought, 'hey! why don't I ask for advice/critique from bulbagarden?' So here's some of the WIP crud I'm doing. :U Tips/critiques/love/hate please~
Feel free to red line if you'd like, it'd be appreciated but not necessary.

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  1. NeoMiniTails's Avatar
    I found this to be interesting... Although I found myself thinking like the last picture "what is this all about?" I like your abstract style of drawing...
  2. Bullfinch's Avatar
    <3 lol, interesting is good.
    Yeah, last page is going to be the intro page to the comic. c: Annnnd I'm not telling you any more 'cause that would be giving away the plot line. xD


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