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Bull not Bul

Stuff I somehow need to do in two weeks

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Not likely but I can hope :u
this could be a draft, but I felt like making some trolls angryface c:
This blog is mostly for myself, Jill and Neo~ you probably won't find it interesting if you're not me or them...
mods please don't kill me
I have cameras so you'll never be able to hide my body

o = not done
- = half done
x = done

Start The Gladiator Pits -
Fear Itself Chapter One -
Planning for comic o
Sapphire Nuzlocke comic pg 3 o
Ruby Nuzlocke comic pg 1 o

Nias/Anna fic o (sorry Neo, it must be done lu)
Brimstone chap 1 o (this is gonna be fun... I'm thinking about publishing it chapter by chapter on DA, anyone care enough to give opinions?)

Let's Read new episodes o (does anybody even care enough about this for me to do more? luls)
have a great b-day and stop stressing about stuff (>o>;)

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  1. Melty's Avatar
    Nuzlocke comics! Nuzlocke comics!

    Your "Brimstone" is a comic? Is it like the scary stuff that's already on your DA, or cute like your Nuzlocke comics?

    More LR! It doesn't really take that long to make new episodes, does it?
  2. Bullfinch's Avatar
    :u lol

    Nope, it's going to be a... maybe 20-30 chapter book? :o About Nias. c:
    /can't draw humans or demons

    P: Nope, I'm just lazy. I'll seriously try to do more soon, though. ;u;

    edit: I have scary stuff on my DA? xD
    Updated 7th August 2010 at 08:46 PM by Bullfinch
  3. Melty's Avatar
    Wait, I was wrong. I looked again and your DA isn't the one with scary stuff. I guess I got another DA confused with yours. It had some sort of abstract stuff that was only scary if you looked at it before trying to go to bed, but their other art (the bit that encouraged me to look at their DA) was cute.
  4. Bullfinch's Avatar
    cl Nice.

    Brimstone opinions y/n?
  5. NeoMiniTails's Avatar
    Hmm interesting... No more Let's Read episodes? Sorry, I haven't had the chance to watch the episodes myself... Keep doing it and soon you'll be a big channel on YouTube...

    You can't draw humans? That's what I'm best at... I'm not good at drawing animals though unless it's a cat...

    What is brimstone?
  6. Bullfinch's Avatar
    1) Nom <3 I'll do more, although I don't know if i'll ever be big. lD
    2) :o You should draw Nias! /puppy eyes
    3) Brimstone = The story of Nias' origins & what happened when he first became a Hunter
  7. NeoMiniTails's Avatar
    Yes, I'll draw Nias! I'll go look at the bio you gave me on TSLC to draw him for you... Hopefully my scanner won't act stupid tho! Ugh, stupid printer thing...
  8. Bullfinch's Avatar
    :O Really?! Awesome! <3 Thank you! 8D
    do you have a DA? :o
    If not you should get one & post your art! nwn
  9. NeoMiniTails's Avatar
    Is that deviantart? I do but I don't have my best art on there... It's under the username I use here...
  10. Bullfinch's Avatar
    I watched you. :u
    I dunno... I'll probably drop some of the comics for a while to work on important stuff. >o>
    (school, Mania, and most definitely Altered D:)


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