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Bull not Bul

Let's Read! Intro

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by , 22nd July 2010 at 09:13 PM (291 Views)
The intro is up!
If any of you were wondering what I looked like, wonder no further!

you happy now Melty? lU

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Updated 22nd July 2010 at 10:31 PM by Bullfinch

Let's Read


  1. Melty's Avatar
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    I was wondering what you looked like XD And now I know. But you don't know what I look like! Bwahaha!


    Actually, all it takes is a tiny bit of detectiving to find out what I look like. And you'd be unimpressed. "All that work for this!?" Bwahaha!

    And your voice! You sound nothing like I imagined. Where are you from?

    Also, I subscribed. I'm Pitohui on Youtube.
  2. Bullfinch's Avatar
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    D: I wanna know what you look like! /pout

    Heh, well, I'm from America, but I'm Polish/Czechoslovakian. c: I happen to be able to switch from an all American accent (in other words country as hell) to a British accent pretty easily. :U
    I generally talk to my parents/elders with my normal voice, but with my friends & on camera I like to speak with the non-country accent. XD

    <33 Thank you kindly for the sub! The Prologue & Chapter 1 should be up tomorrow morning, maybe somewhere around 10-11? c:


    edit: I can do a Russian accent too. nwn
  3. Melty's Avatar
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    Ah, okay. I used to know someone who used the same British accent you do. It made me want to punch him in the face. But I don't wanna punch you in the face! Besides, I'd end up in jail I did :(

    I'm Polishy too! My ma is German and Polish.

    Use the country accent! I wanna hear it :3
  4. Bullfinch's Avatar
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    lD That's good, 'cause I'd have to kick your ass if you did. <3 lol now I'll have to live with the fact that I don't know what you look like D:

    :o Coolness! /polockbrofist
    Even though my dad makes fun of Polish people all of the time... including himself... P:

    What'd you think of the video?
  5. Melty's Avatar
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    I like the way you use your hands when you talk. Though I suppose you won't have much opportunity to do so in subsequent videos. The lighting could be a bit better, but it's not that important; picture quality isn't the focus of the video. I was distracted by the background. Not that the background is distracting; it just distracted me. I was like "What's that white sheety thing on the left? A CANOPY BED!? Wait, no that's impossible. What's the black screeny thing on the right? Hey an owl with a hat! Is that an owl? Maybe not. It might not even be a bird. Oh, yeah, Boneshaker."
    What is that stuff in the background?
  6. Bullfinch's Avatar
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    White sheety thing - Canopy bed
    Black screeny thing - Dresser
    Owl - Giraffe w/ hats on c:

    I might film in a different area, then, if it's too distracting. :o Yeah, I love using my hands when I talk~ although most people find it annoying so I can't. TWT
    Probably won't have that much time to wave 'em around, but possibly some time? :U
    maaaan I can't wait until tomorrow

    Then comes the Prologue&Chapter 1! 8D
  7. Melty's Avatar
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    So it is a canopy bed :O

    You don't need to film in a different location. The background isn't actually distracting. I was only distracted because I couldn't figure out what anything was.
  8. Bullfinch's Avatar
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    Yes :O
    It's quite comfy~

    Oh, OK good. <3 Well now you know so you can pay more attention to me! >8D
  9. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
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    I like the hat.

    I subscribed too. I have the same username but no spaces in between. So its RangerJackWalker there
  10. Bullfinch's Avatar
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    Thank you. <3

    I'll sub you back!


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