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I'm done!

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by , 23rd May 2013 at 07:00 AM (228 Views)
Finally, after 10,000 words of coursework pieces, three written essay-based exams, countless mock exams and two marked performances this academic year is pretty much done for me. I still have to go in for a few weeks in June to prepare my university applications, make a start on the second stage of these qualifications and do some research for my extended project, but technically my core academics are done until September.

Maybe I'll finally get a good night's sleep now! Fingers crossed for my results in August.
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  1. Dolce's Avatar
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    Great job! <3 I'm sure your results will be fantastic no doubt, but for now....we can play more! :D
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  2. Gama's Avatar
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    Well done!
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  3. Kaori's Avatar
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    Thanks, you guys :'D It feels weird not to have anything urgent to do, I cleaned my room extra thoroughly and started plotting what comics to borrow from the library ahahaha

    play more, huh? ;D
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  4. Parma's Avatar
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    Congrats on being done. Now enjoy your summer.
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