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Awkward things my cats do:

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1. Stare at me while I am dressing/undressing
2. Knead my boobs when I have them on my lap (please no)
3. Knead my butt when I'm in bed (PLEASE NO)
4. Stare at me while I eat
5. Try to get access to the bathroom whenever anybody is in it

There are more, I am certain, but these are the top five for sure. Cats, I love you so hard, but please stop making things awkward between us.

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  1. ScarletSky's Avatar
    At #1...
  2. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Does it do this too?

    Or is it too big for that?
  3. Kaori's Avatar
    @Mizuhashi; That's not actually too different to how suspicious they look peeking around my slightly open door. :I
    @Mijzelffan; Actually, the boy cat does even though he's pretty... Tall? It is both awkward and adorable that he is so friendly.
  4. Reila's Avatar

    My dog does all of this. Perhaps she is a cat disguised? :c
  5. Tophat Dragoneye's Avatar
    Just be happy that yours doesn't have a tendency to try and kill everything and everyone from time to time, both living and non-living (is that a word?). The only one my cat wouldn't dare to do to try and kill would be her best friend: my dog.
  6. Kaori's Avatar
    @Mantis; Haha, I can't imagine a dog doing it too! Maybe. Sounds like a pretty cool (if a bit weird) dog. :3
    @Tophat Dragoneye; I suppose I should be. They barely try to kill the odd fly, really. They'll catch stuff and then get bored. That said, I doubt my cats would be friendly with a dog!
  7. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    I try not to let my dog look at me naked/showering.
  8. ScarletSky's Avatar
    The closest thing my dogs do to any of this is... my dog Daisy staring into my soul all the time. She does it to my sister to. She just looks at you unblinkingly for a long time without moving at all. x_x; It's creepy, but a little funny too.
  9. Reila's Avatar
    She is a Dachshund, a very tiny race of dogs. Of the things you mentioned, what she loves the most is to stare at my food (I believe she has 0 interest in me in these moments) and she also loves to sleep in my butt. Awkward dog is awkward. :3


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