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  1. So my brother got pissed and oured water on my bed

    Easy fix though, just blowdried the mattress and changed the sheets. Why did he do this? Because the cat was walking by as I hoped the fridge door, got bumped, and hit into him. What a spaz.
  2. Been Awhile! Friend Safari, anyone?

    So, here I am! Life gets in the way, what can I say? Yet, I still play Pokémon and am currently breeding for- what else? CONTESTS. I'm sure they'll be in OR/AS and am SO excited to have them. How does anyone trade Friend Safaris on this site? Who else is excited for Contests?

    Any other speculations for the game? I'm hoping Juan will come back. Also, I hope you can actually battle your rival (Brendan/May) a final time with a full, actual party.

    I've also been binging ...
  3. Planning

    Last week, just by sheer luck, I managed to find one of my missing long sleeved tee shirts. This one is charcoal grey, a nice contrast with a lighter blue or grey tee. Once I found it, I slipped it in one of the bags that's now currently holding my new clothes, waiting to be worn during next year's convention.

    It's about a year away, next BotCon. Yet I plan for it as though it might happen tomorrow. It's crazy but it gives me something to look forward to and it helps drown out the ...
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  4. Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 20: Across the... Stream!

    With Surf at my disposal, I can venture into the eastern half of Hoenn! Watch as I sift through the ridiculously tall grass for something new!

  5. tfw you're hungry but there's no food

    Need to go out and get some, since my wrist hurts at the moment and I'm unable to make what little there actually is. Painful stuff, and it's not like I have been overworking it as of late.
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