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Going back to the past

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It's been a while since i came back here in the forums. It's so nostalgic that some mods decided to put again the famous random thread (also known as rm thread) in bmgf forums... I stopped visiting the forums when they deleted it. But sometimes i used also to visit the forums in The Tea in the garden thread, but it wasnt the same as the rm thread... A week ago i decided to check the forums and i saw that rm thread is active again.. Its good to see that old members didnt leave, like @Rainbow, @Karis (but i prefer to call him Haipah) @Cinnamon Roll (Abba) @Milkapoke .. Id like to talk again with @Zwampert and @Sapphire, but theyre not here anymore. I think Sapphire took a on year vacation... Its also a great pleasure to see new members like @Terrell and @Charles Dunois... You guys made the forums the perfect place to have fun (seriously)..
When i left the forums, there're many things happened to me, they were good things and bad things... I dont like to revive it anymore cause i dont feel anymore to talk about it..
Thanks to everyone who supported me all of this time..

May the RM Thread last forever.. Your dearest member..make_it_worse

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  1. Polyrhythm's Avatar
    Glad you're back :D
    At least there's like a quarter of the early RM posters left.
  2. Charles Dunois's Avatar

    I have no idea what RM used to be like... *sighs*
  3. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    I remember you! :D you were Yellow's friend all those years ago. Praise it brotha, no matter how inactive I will be, I hope that the RM thread will last forever
  4. Gaga's Avatar
    Glad to meet ya! You seem nice. You may have noticed but I'm an RM regular. Kinda new, only a few months.
    I think it's great whenever a new or veteran member posts on RM.


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