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Might do a Nuzlocke

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Hi, everyone! I though that I'd never, EVER make another blog again, but I guess I was wrong!

Anyways, I've decided to try out a type of Nuzlocke challenge, with less rules than some. I'll be doing this with my HeartGold game Here's the rules I'l follow:

If a Pokemon faints, it dies. The Pokemon must be left in the PC forever. (I'm not goint to release them because I plan to play the game normally if all of my Pokemon die.)

You MAY catch more than one Pokemon per route, but there is no replacing Pokemon once they get past level five. (Because, unfortunately, I suck at training at early levels, and I never understood the rule of only catching the first Pokemon in each route)

No legendary Pokemon may be used. They may be captured, however.

You are not allowed to keep catching Pokemon, looking for ones of a certain nature.

Anyways, I'll be using the Pokemon Modifier code on my Action Replay to get a different Pokemon than a Johto starter, because I feel like it. This Pokemon will be unevolved, level 5, and will follow the above rule.

I'll be making a story to explain my progress through the game, which I will put in my blog. So get ready to read about THE BEST NUZLOCKE EVER!!!

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