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I is happy :3

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Why am I happy, you ask?

So I started taking French this year, due to some incident where they had too many people signing up for Spanish and I could either take French this year or have two Language Arts classes. I chose the first option because I still wanted to learn a foreign language.

Up until now, I've been decent at the spelling and pronunciation of the words, but it's only been two weeks and we've been learning some simple words. So a few days ago we started focusing on memorizing the French alphabet, and I'm flat-out terrible at memorization.

But I've finally done it! After two hours of monotonous recitation, the French alphabet has been branded into my brain. How long it'll stay there is a mystery, but hopefully with a little more practice the answer will be "forever".

Now if I could only memorize the rules of algebra...

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  1. Abba's Avatar
    I know a little bit of French. It's pretty cool.
  2. Asthaerignon's Avatar
    Good luck! I'm doing German this year; won't start until next semester.


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