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A Wedding Royale

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Yep, its the obligatory blog post on Kate & Wills finally tying the knot that I am required, by British law, to make a big deal about. After all, it is the Wedding of the decade you know, gotta make a little effort (whilst listening to Glee's cover of "Marry You" by Bruno Mars on loop, no less). I wanted to postpone posting this until later in the day, but I actually couldn't wait :D

So, my verdict? F-A-B!! I loved the whole thing and I'm not even that into the royals (though I'm far from a republican). My highlight was where the couple kissed not once but twice after the service, on the balcony <3<3<3 Speaking of which, the service was nice too, my only complaints are twofold: Firstly, why was Wills rushing the vows so much? It was like he couldn't wait to get it over with and secondly, what happened to the bouquet! Kate totally should've thrown it into the crowd! The massive fight for it would've been hilarious! Ahhh, oh well, at least the rest of the day was great. I enjoyed mentally critiquing the garbs of those invited

Indeed, Kate's dress was to die for, totally channeling Grace Kelly and very symbolic in its quiet beauty, I thought. I particularly liked the white lace that, to me, gave it a sensual edge whilst still maintaining the gown's overall modesty. Her evening wear for the reception surprised me, I thought she'd go for an actual colour but its was lovely nonetheless, especially with the shrug that accompanied it (not to mention apt, obviously). Her Majesty the Queen was beautiful too, as per usual, and it was very touching when she said "it was amazing" after retiring to the palace :) Also, BBC News helpfully pointed out to me that the mother of the bride (seen above to the left with the Queen and a very wide looking Duchess of Cornwall on the right) was wearing clothes by one of the late Princess Diana's favourite designer, which I thought was a nice touch, so that Di could at least be there sartorially if nothing else.

As for the celeb guests, I found a number of notables. Firstly, there was Tara Palmer Tomkinson in her royal blue ensemble, the hat of which really brought it all together IMO:

Next up, Posh and Becks, who were stylin' like there's no tomorrow:

'Course, Posh always looks devilishly vogue, but David's OBE was an unexpected (but welcome) surprise, even though he wore it on the wrong lapel to begin with [bless]. Needless to say, he was still smexy as hell ;9

However, for every up there's a down and I think we've found it (or rather them):

Really, girls? Just so you know, these are the Princesses of York, Beatrice (right) and Eugenie (left) and don't they look...interesting. I honestly do not know what Bea was thinking; did she seriously plop that monster on her head that morning, look in the mirror, and think, "now that's what I call style!". At least you can tell what Eu's hat is composed of, I don't even know what Bea's is trying to be, its like someone (Philip Treacy, to be precise) spliced a ribbon, some antlers and an octopus together, yeesh!

Actually, in the Eu's defense, she didn't look that bad. The only real problems I had were her clutch and heels, both gold and both clashing. I feel she would've done better to switch for some silver tones to compliment those present in the remainder of her wardrobe (which was Vivienne Westwood, btw <3<3<3).

What's more, its hard to not to be dragged down standing next to the Antlerpus, which I still can't get over, and probably won't until the next royal wedding rolls around. I sort of feel the need to defend Bea with the rest of her attire, but the dress/coat thing seemed more like an anorak. Possibly needed to be fitted better or maybe she just needs to lose weight, I don't know.

Still, one thing I can say in Bea's defence is that at least she wore a hat (arguably), whereas as SamCam wore nothing:

Now, not only are hats practically mandatory at weddings (for women, at least) they're also one of those rare occasions where you can, really. So why be the only VIP member to not? Especially with how nice the rest of her looked. Given that she's the wife of the PM (and its the Royal Wedding), we know that the sky's the limit financially, so its not like she couldn't've found something gorgeous. Clearly, she just couldn't be bothered. I'm not being funny, but I bet even Fergie would've worn a hat :/

On a sunnier note, Princess Anne's floral number looked downright chic, bit on the bold side but pretty all the same. Oh and here she can just be seen in a picture with the the Countess of Wessex (center, beige), stylin' circles around Beatrice.

However, for all you negative nancies still not convinced that the Royal Wedding is worth caring about, let us not forget how important this day was, not only for fashion but economically too. This wedding will have given a considerable boost to a number of British industries, not least of all tourism, with all the people travelling to Buckingham to witness the event and such (as it's apparently even more popular 'cross the Pond, or so I hear).

At the very least, if none of this does it for you, then not only was April 29th the date when two people deeply in love vowed to spend the rest of their lives with each other, it also marks the continuation of an institution so old it has seen empires rise and fall, one that has led its people through innumerable hardships and persists in being a source of wealth, curiosity and pride even today. Now that deserves some attention, don't you agree?

Happy Royal Wedding everyone,
GZ out~

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Personally I thought all of the hats looked silly. Or at least the ones I caught glimpses of while I was flipping through channels of the coverage.


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