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Pokémon White, Day [50]3: Calm Before The Storm...

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by , 6th March 2011 at 09:10 AM (880 Views)
No, I don't care if this post is going to be totally overshadowed by American BW release, its getting made anyway :p

So, I'm in Nimbasa City now and I'm really digging it, the place is really cool, though I've only been to the Football Stadium & the Musical Hall <3

Before I got there though I was in the even more insectible incredible Castelia City. Seriously, I'd seen some of the pictures on Serebii's front page by accident but they really don't do justice to the whole city, its immense. The totally interactable 3D panorama is gorgeous to view & explore and there's so much to do, I spent like 7 hours last night just exploring the place and I'm still not done really (though I moved on for the sake of progress).

Oh, and I did the Zorua event via the Relocator! I named him Zachary (Idk why, it just felt right). That was fun in itself and Zach's really useful - after I'd taught him Retaliate and Grass Rope - especially his Illusion ability which the NPCs fall for everytime. In fact its so convincing that even I fall for it a lot of the time XD.

I couldn't use him (or Cyanne) for Burgh though because Bug > Dark :/ Well, not much anyway, I still ended up relying on them (especially Zach's illusion ability) just to chip away the HP on his stupid Leavanny, it was really strong! I was really pumped for it too, at the entrance I thought "Finally, Bug, an easy gym," and then when I finally got to him I was all like:

Me [looking smug]: "Alright, bitch, bring it!"

Burgh: *brings it*


Also, whilst this seems like an odd thing to do in a pokémon game, I've been watching the TVs and they're quite amusing, especially the Pokemon horoscopes :3 I only know two signs, October is Gothorita and Decmeber is Fraxure, I want it to go round to April to see what mine is :)

Team status update (complete with imagined personalities):

*The reason Wotter's in last position btw is because Zachary's Illusion makes him copy the form of the pokemon in the last slot and Wotter's the only one of my team that doesn't have any identical weaknesses to Zach (wooby also doesn't, but I found out the hard way that NPCs are still likely to try bug moves on her anyway >:/ )

Zach's so close to evolving :3

I'm not really sure where to go with my team now, figuratively. I like the kind of mystical theme that seems to have developed with a variety psychic and dark pokemon but I wantz my gen V ghosts and I just passed the resort desert.

I think I might put someone(s) in the Day-care to keep Princess company so that I can get a Cofragrigus or a Gorog (or both) opinions?

~GZ out.

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