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Nuzlocke 2: Revenge of the Fallen

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by , 12th February 2011 at 03:46 PM (430 Views)
As promised, I am dedicating the majority of this ridiculously long blog to the shiny new SS nuzlocke, however I will give a super-quick Emerald team recap beforehand:

Meanwhile, back in SoulSilver...

So, having already mass traded all my valuables onto HeartGold late the other night I restart and am welcomed to the world of tomorrow! pokemon. I decide to play as a girl this time - could be a laugh, even if it is Lyra - and called her Clear (its a morbid in-joke, see if you can work out why). Chose my first pokemon as a Chikorita and called him Nettle <3.

Then I try to save and realise that the stupid new machinic they introduced in HGSS means I have to delete a save file BEFORE creating a new one UH. Turn game off, delete game, new game, WelcometoblablablaGirlbla talk to NotMum (again):

NotMum: "Hey honey, why don't you let me look after your money for you hmmm?"

Me: Sh'yah, nice try, you get enough money from NotDad's alimony *exits*.

blablaElmblablablaChoose&NameNettle (its a girl this time :)

Elm: Good News, Clear! You have been selected to fetch 20 bear asses from just outside Violet City. Don't be late!

Leaving the lab I set off, completely missing the totally inconspicious, ginger peeping tom outside Elm's lab (who I'm sure will in no way turn out to be relevant to the story whatsoever) and then I realise it: SS is an awful version to do Nuzlocke in; you have to pass through two routes consecutively with no pokeballs and no ability to attain any until the bear asses Toegpi egg has been claimed with only a lv. 5 'mon >.<

I pass through Cherrygrove and reach the route above, partially blocked by Youngster Joey and NotYoungsterJoey engrossed in Serious Business. Then all of a sudden as I walk past the house at the foot of the route some random guy storms out of it, demanding to know why I hadn't come barging in. I'm not sure what his problem is but he gives me an apricorn case and then legs it again so whatevs.

Just before I go into Mr. Pokemon's I see an apricorn tree outside his house, so I innocently enough decide to collect some. Lyra, however, decides this is too boring and proceeds to dry hump the tree instead. W....TF?

Also got accosted by "Passerby Boy", who's pokemon I later found out he stole from Elm, though I don't really see why since he's giving them away for free. Regardless, I kicked his ass. Also, Lyra is apparently a skilled kleptomaniac so after pickpocketing his TC I got his name for the police too (its Ginge, btw). Of course, that wasn't before I was almost locked away for the crime myself, based on watertight arguments such as:

Quote Originally Posted by Policeman at the Lab

Whoever did it always returns to the site so you must be...the one who did it?
And people wonder why it ends up being ten year olds sorting out the big-ass crime syndicates.

After I'm exonerated I leave the lab so that I can finally start my journey when all of a sudden Ethan appears to hold my hand whilst he spoon feeds me a capture tutorial >:/

I tried to get to Violet as quickly as possibly but I ended up battling everyone and even accidentally giving bloody Youngster Joey my contact number (grrrrr!). Thats 50% of my game time I can wave goodbye to listening about the awesome power of rattata.

Upon arrival I decided to have a look round Violet. My first stop was the school for Quick Claw but I quickly left atfer this complete stranger tried to get me to join a cult "group":

If you join a group you can compete or cooperate with others

ANYWAYS. After my narrow escape I wasn't sure what to do first, Gym or Sprout Tower? So I went to heal my pokemon at the local 'Centre whilst planning my next move when I suddenly saw Primo from Teachy TV! <3. After I'd finished clapping like a seal I was about to get my free egg from him when I thought "Wouldn't it be so much more fun if I DIDN'T know which pokemon (Mareep/Slugma/Wooper) I was getting?" so instead of typing in the codes myself I got my sister to pick one randomly and type it in the game for me, so now I have mystery egg on my team too! Can't wait to see what it is!

I went to S. Tower after that, so not ready to face Falkner. Plus I really really really wanted a Gastly but lo!

"Wild Rattata appeared!"


Ofcourse, I hadn't saved since like New Bark so I couldn't save scum a Gastly or I'd lose my egg and I couldn't take my rage out on the rattata because then I'd have NO pokemon for Sprout tower so in the end I was forced to catch the the damn thing (It was a girl, so I named it Vermina).

Initially I was pretty p*ssed off, but I soon disocvered she's actually pretty useful, after I'd trained her up a bit. She was good for switching into those pesky Hoothoot that ALL the sages seemed to carry and had far superior speed to any opponent pokemon (even w/out quick attack). And to top it all off, she was even holding a Chilan Berry when I caught her. It was like fate or something <3<3

So after getting Flash from the Master Sage at the top of S. Tower I caught as much fodder as I could from the surrounding area (an Unown & a Wooper), healed my Pokemon + fooder at the Centre, bought some potions and then entered the Gym.

Now I could've just gone straight to Falkner, but I'm a sucker for experience so I went the long way. Not that it mattered, the gym trainers were a piece of p*ss, but then there was Falker...

It was a complete massacre.

I sent Wooper out first to spam tail whip on his lv.9 Pidgey until the former's demise, at which point I brought out the heavy artillery (Vermina lv. 8). After that the foe went down faster than a high-street hooker but then...out came lv.13 Pidgeotto. I tried to play it safe at first; I healed rattata to full health with one of my 6 potions in order to gauge how much damage one attack from Pidgeotto could do. Well, the answers a lot. Took out Vermina in one go with a crit. hit & STAB gust. I panicked and sent out Unown, who also went down two turns later. It was then down to lv. 14 & grass type Nettle to finish this now.

The match rapidly developed into a stall war, Falker roosting when HP dropped below half and attacking with gust the rest, me doing the same with potions and Tackle/PoisonPowder. Finally I ran out of potion and it was down to the wire, with both of us at about a third HP. Falker Gusted....

And Nettle lived! And so at 5 HP Nettle used Razor leaf, which admittedly only got Pidgeotto down to red but then posion finished him off! Phew!

As I left the gym, Zephyr badge in hand and tail between my legs, I got a call from Elm and duly went to retrieve the Toegpi egg from Elm's aide at the mart. I saved after healing at the Centre with a heavy heart.

I'll provide a Team recap next blog, which'll probably be an Emerald one.

-Until then, GZ out!

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    :O Didn't know you were doing a Nuzlocke for SoulSilver as well. That was quite amusing. :P


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