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  1. How Far We've Come & The Price We've Paid: A Retrospective Look at Generation I

    So, imagine this: you're teenager and you wake up in the morning with a bit of a hangover from the party last night, what would you expect to find? The fine scent of booze clinging to you & your room as strongly as a Shellder clings to a Slowpoke tail? All the stuff that had been previously piled upon your bed + clothes now spread all over the floor?

    Well, what I didn't expect to find was my copy of Pokémon Red Version, which I'd apparently decided to restart when I returned

    Updated 8th January 2013 at 10:29 PM by Green Zubat

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    I finally have a wii keyboard! *sobs dramatically*

    I've wanted one for sooooo long now, you have no idea how agonizingly time consuming it is to type posts using the Wii remote's virtual keys.

    Also, quick Nuzlocke update:


    Updated 6th March 2011 at 09:29 AM by Green Zubat

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  3. Emerald: Hard Mode, Comic & The Scanner Farce

    Firstly, before I move onto to the comic, Nuzlocke update:

    I'm still in Mauville,grinding as much as possible within limits. Apparently he's some sort of beast in battle so I'm trying to prepare myseld as much as possible before facing him.

    Current Team (in order of capture):

    1. Pumpkin the Combusken, lv.26
    2. Psyche the Beautifly, lv.23
    3. Woobie the Loudred, lv.24

    I'm hoping Pumpkin will be able to take down most, if not ...
    NuzBlog Challenge
  4. Emerald: Hard Mode, Update.

    Hey guys.

    So its been like three days now since I took up the Nuzlocke challenge and two since my last post so I just thought I'd just update you all on whats been happening over the past two days.

    So firstly, I was heading towards Dewford when May caught me by surprise. I won but I almost lost Beautifly at one point which I had a cow over since she'd not only my 2nd strongest but also my favourite, thank god for potions.

    Also, the whismur line never ...
    NuzBlog Challenge
  5. Pokémon Emerald: Hard Mode!

    So yeah, just started the Nuzlocke challenge about a day ago, and i'm miraculously not yet. Here're my rules of play:


    Updated 8th June 2010 at 07:03 PM by Green Zubat

    NuzBlog Challenge
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