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  1. Why all the Catwoman hate?

    I just don't get it.

    I didn't really see any problems with it, in fact, I loved the film. For me, it had an interesting plot and cool fight sequences, yet any time I've heard it mentioned its invariably slaughtered. I've heard some people call it a bit of a special effects failure but I don't think it was that bad, slightly unrealistic maybe.

    Was it the fact that the plot focused on the make-up industry? Because I could kind of see how that might alienate some guys, but ...

    Updated 2nd April 2011 at 07:27 PM by Green Zubat

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  2. Pokémon White, Day [50]3: Calm Before The Storm...

    No, I don't care if this post is going to be totally overshadowed by American BW release, its getting made anyway :p

    So, I'm in Nimbasa City now and I'm really digging it, the place is really cool, though I've only been to the Football Stadium & the Musical Hall <3

    Before I got there though I was in the even more insectible incredible Castelia City. Seriously, I'd seen some of the pictures on Serebii's front page by accident but they really don't do justice to ...

    Updated 6th March 2011 at 09:19 AM by Green Zubat

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  3. YOU who call yourselves bloggers!

    Nothin' much to say really, school was a bit boring. Got 11/15 on a spanish test, continued reading New Moon on the bus, had some sandwhiches for tea...

    Oh, yeah, and I got POKEMON WHITE!!!!1!111!1!2222!

    I knew it was coming today (as I'd ordered expedited delivery to make sure) but I was still foaming at the mouth whilst savaging the amazon packaging XD I've been avoiding spoilers like tentacool so I don't really even know whats going on or where anything is, its FAB ...

    Updated 6th March 2011 at 09:20 AM by Green Zubat

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  4. Ma-hussive Emerald NuzBlog

    Dear Arceus, this update is soooooooooo overdue.

    But anyways, picking up where I left off: I try to avoid the Weather Institute and continue on my way to the centre at Fortree but silly me! Drone Block -_-; Luckily, however, the Institute is apparently equipped with an on-call room (though you really have to wonder why, Meteorological Emergency?).

    Still, well-rested, complete rape for team aqua then ensues for the next few minutes. I receive the uber-cute castform ...

    Updated 24th February 2011 at 05:09 PM by Green Zubat

    NuzBlog Challenge
  5. Nuzlocke 2: Revenge of the Fallen

    As promised, I am dedicating the majority of this ridiculously long blog to the shiny new SS nuzlocke, however I will give a super-quick Emerald team recap beforehand:

    Meanwhile, back in SoulSilver...

    So, having already mass ...

    Updated 12th February 2011 at 04:03 PM by Green Zubat

    NuzBlog Challenge
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