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Emerald: Hard Mode, Revisited

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by , 5th February 2011 at 07:50 PM (269 Views)
Hello again!

So, dear readers, as you may or mayn't know some months back I decided to do a Nuzlocke Challenge for Emerald and it was going great! Speeding through the game (thanks to some heavy grinding), no losses, there was even a comic...in fact you could say things were going too great.

You see, all the grinding against trainers (a la "Match Call") had left me without a challenge and where's the fun in that? So my attention waned and I dropped it. However, seeing as the new Gen is just around the corner and seeing all these new LP blogs popping up (such as those of Shiny Celebi & Evkl) I figure its worth another go, for old times sake and all that. However, match call is completely banned this time until post E4 (wild grinding is still fair game though). Any other suggestions for making it harder would be much appreciated.

So, where does that leave the team? Well currently I'm in Petalburg with 4 badges (assumedly to get the next), my team is as follows:

1.) Pumpkin the Blaziken, lv. 36

2.) Psyche the Beautifly, lv. 31 (<3)

3.) Woobie the Loudred, lv. 29 (seriously needs to evolve already)

4.) EGG, lv. ??? (I'll let you guess whats inside ;)

I may or mayn't decide to continue the comic but its looking now more like a post E4 thing to do, though now that my computer's been fixed I do have MS paint at my disposal again, so I guess we'll see how it goes.

So yeah, wish me luck against Norman and remember, any suggestions welcome!


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