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  1. Never walking home after dark again

    So apparently, someone made a short horror film out of a Redditor's disturbing story, and it's actually pretty fucking good:

    Favourite YouTube comment:

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisjv15
    If you watch this without audio it's kinda like porn
  2. Gen VI Spoiler Review #2: Fairytales

    So apparently fairies aren't just things you see when you're off your tits on acid.

    You know, I'm still not over it. I think I am, and then all of a sudden I'll just start laughing and laughing ... it wouldn't even be that funny if it weren't for all the butthurt.

    Seriously though, I am actually really excited for this new type (if also a little bummed that Love and/or Sound, my favourite new type candidates, don't appear to have made the cut), partly just for the novelty ...

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  3. The Problem With Eevee ...

    OK, so I'm, like, desperately in need of some advice.

    You see, I was playing through White 2 earlier (nuzlocking), and I finally got to the park in the middle of Castelia Sewers. I didn't expect much, particularly since the last save file I was there all I could find was Audino, but lo and behold, a freaking Eevee appeared! I was so excited when I caught it, dreaming of training a beautiful Glaceon, but then ...

    I looked at his stats:

    • Nature = Brave

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    Yeah, I said it. At first I was all depressed about the magic of Gen V being over already, because it was really the first Gen in which I was properly involved with the only Pokémon community I'd really known, and had a group of fellow fans to get hyped up about it with. But now that X & Y have been announced, I don't even care, I just want Gen VI right the Hell now. Opinions so far:

    1. The Starters: They're soooooo cute, especially Fennekin; I just want to huggle one to death!

    Updated 8th January 2013 at 07:19 PM by Green Zubat

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  5. A Wedding Royale

    Yep, its the obligatory blog post on Kate & Wills finally tying the knot that I am required, by British law, to make a big deal about. After all, it is the Wedding of the decade you know, gotta make a little effort (whilst listening to Glee's cover of "Marry You" by Bruno Mars on loop, no less). I wanted to postpone posting this until later in the day, but I actually couldn't wait :D

    So, my verdict? F-A-B!! I loved the whole thing and I'm not even that into the royals ...

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