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Even I don't know sometimes...

  1. Inspiration

    So, I've been having some Writer's Block issues lately, but I finally came up with a solution. It's actually something my Dad told me that he does when he gets writer's block issues.

    I'm going to do a series of oneshots. I just need someone to give me a random word. The weirder the word, the harder this is for me to do.

    For example, if someone said "Mitochondria" I'd have to write a story surrounded by the word "mitochondria".

    My rules ...
  2. I am going to flip a sh*t.

    No pun intended.

    Flip cameras are so frustrating for me.

    Okay. So let me explain this very clearly:

    I have a Flip Mino HD. It creates videos in MPEG 4 format and brings them up in Flip Video software. I saved those to my computer. I need to import the videos to Windows Movie Maker, but I can't because Movie Maker doesn't import MPEG 4. I need an AVI file. I can't a converter that works.

    Does anyone know what the hell I'm supposed to do ...
  3. >.<

    My Dad creeper-stalks my Facebook page. He comments on every status, photo, and note. He's driving me up a wall


    I'm not allowed to block him either, or I get grounded. Short of deleting my Facebook, I can't think of many solutions. And he's not gonna budge; I know this guy.

    Stupid dad.
  4. Hello.

    I'm so hyper right now. I've had three coffees. It's 9:30 PM. I'm not going to fall asleep 'til maybe 3 AM if I'm lucky. Whoo-hoo!


    How was everyone's day?
  5. Writing.

    I'm afraid of long fanfics. How do all you authors write 30+ chapters? I find it nearly impossible for me. I guess I'm more of a oneshot person.

    Anyway, I launched one of my older stories, Silver Wind, today. It's only eighteen chapters and it seemed SO LONG to me when I was writing.

    Anyway, I want some tips. How the heck does Gastly's Mama write more than eighty chapters to one story? It's amazing. How do some authors write 30+ chapters to like four stories all at ...
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