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Help Wanted xD

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by , 21st June 2010 at 01:29 PM (212 Views)
Any LOTR fans out there? I need your help.

I got a writing request today. It's about the battle of Helm's Deep.

First question:

What was Legolas doing during Helm's Deep?

Second question:

How old is Legolas during that battle?

Third question:

Who else was present at the battle?

I think that's it.

Thank so much!


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  1. Green Zubat's Avatar
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    *Crawls out from under rock*

    Legolas was just kinda going around, salyin' Uruk'ai (sp?) as was Aragon & Gimli. Celeborn, lord of the woodland realm was also their (with his elf army) and Gandalf the white popped in near the end, just as they were about to get served, and set the Ridres of Rohan on the Uruk'ai. There were also the people of Rohan cowering unerneath Helm's Deep and the soldiers & King of Rohan getting owned, naturally.

    Can't remember how old Legolas was at that point off the top of my head though, soz.

    Try wikipedia ;)
  2. Vasili's Avatar
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    Those are very broad topic questions... While it is possible to answer them, they should still give you more specific questions...
  3. Aladar's Avatar
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    I think Legolas is somewhere around 3,000 when the events of the LOTR take place.
  4. Nagini's Avatar
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    It's not the questions I have to answer. I gotta do a oneshot about Legolas during Helm's Deep or something and I'm not too familiar with LOTR.

    Thanks guys :)


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