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  1. I can't be the only person worried about Frozen

    So after Disney's video game movie, Wreck-It Ralph (which unnerves me about how they'll portray video games, considering how archaic the description of the games sound), the next big animated film they're doing is based off The Snow Queen.

    What worries me about it is that it's called "Frozen", and is to be done in CGI. The problem I have is that it sounds exactly like Tangled, which, while I thought it was okay, felt a lot less like a Disney movie than I hoped. The Snow ...

    I am officially sold out.

    Your favorite:
    1. Movie: Terminator 2, fuck yeahhhh
    2. TV. Show: Justice League Unlimited, double fuck yeahhhh
    3. Book: All the parts of Romance of the Three Kingdoms that don't include Zhuge Liang, fuck that guy
    4: Animal: Squids/Octopi/etc., dudes look hella cool
    5. Music genre:
    6. Song:
    7. Disney movie: The Incredibles, I know it was made by Pixar, but it's pretty much the same thing
    8. Relative: ...
  3. Capcom is run by Satan

    What the fuck, Capcom, canceling MML3? Are you bitchy or something because Inafune ditched your sorry ass? At least release the fucking demo, you bastards! Or what, you forgot how to create DLC, considering that you don't know how to create new content if it's not on a disc? Perhaps your seething hate of anything Mega Man clouded the fact that this game would have sold in the millions and saved your company from going the way of Acclaim, or maybe you're trying to fail so you can get bought out by ...
  4. President the wool brotherly love extends its hand to the African iron friend

    This person causes me to my alliance to indicate that suspects the democracy, and has rotated my communism and his sweet lyric poetry.

    I' Tomorrow will apply for my China civil status first matter's m!
  5. So I'm thinking of doing a Let's Play again

    O.K, so my first Let's Play of Fire Red ended because I am one lazy motherfucker, but it's time we move past and heal.


    I was going to do Oblivion until I realized how many mods I've installed. 255 mods just makes it not the same game anymore.

    That being said, I don't have any installed for Morrowind, so if there ...
    Let's Play
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