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Nintendo Regains Control Of PokéBank

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Nintendo announced earlier today that it has regained control of the popular Pokémon Bank service, which it is now revealed became sentient shortly after its release which prompted the delays that plagued the service.

A senior Information Technologies officer for Nintendo, Kaeru Fujimoto, gave this statement at a press conference:
"We noticed nothing unusual during the development of the application. Shortly after its release though, we noticed a sudden surge in traffic that wasn't expected. At first we considered it might be holiday sales, but the traffic spike was coming from inside our servers. After a quick look at our server logs, we realized that it was the Pokémon Bank service itself, which was downloading data from the web. Attempts to fix the issue on our end while keeping the service uninterrupted proved fruitless as Pokémon Bank adapted and learned to bypass our restrictions, so the call was made to quarantine the service so we could analyze it."

Nintendo stresses that the Pokémon Bank service is completely safe and poses no threat to anyone, and says that the sentience has been pacified thanks to a partnership with IBM, Google, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

In related news, Nintendo stocks rose following their announcement to use the new PokéBank AI in the next generation of Nintendogs games.

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