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Take me out to the ball game!

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Yay! Its that time of year again! SUMMER SOFTBALL! Well technically its the start of practice for summer softball, we had our first one on Sunday The actual games won't start til like May, but we're getting ready for'em!

I know I'm not the only person on the team (or in the church), thats happy that the season is about to start either. Btw did I mention it was a church league? Well it is, just thought I'd clear that up for ya Anyway whole bunch of the dudes in church are happy about it cause that means that once the season is over we have our regular "After softball party", which usually *cough* always *cough* has a bunch of our Preachers home-brew beer. Others bring beer too, a lot of it is home-brew as well, but the Preachers has been voted the best so far (I don't drink yet so I just take everyones word for it). I find it somewhat hilarious that not only is it the beer most of our team look forward too, but also that its our Preacher who brings it In case your wondering, no it's not a church full of drunks, just a bunch of dudes who happen to like a good beer every once in a while

Anywho beer talk aside Our coach got us something cool this year, a pitching machine! Its not like a motorized one though, its more like uh....catapult or slingshot or something. No motor to it at all, just spring powered I think. But it works great and even after one practice with it we've gotten better at our swings. At least now we don't have to stand there and hope our pitcher throws a good ball. Its also helping us out with pop fly balls, just change the aim of it a bit and up, up, and away it goes!

I'm hoping I get to stick with my catcher position this year, I happen to like bantering with the umpire in between (or during) batters. We always laugh up a storm over the silliest things, mostly him trying to steal my shin-guards Or me not catching the ball You'd think after like 4 years of dealing with me he'd learn he ain't getting my dang shin-guards! He should get his own! Course even if I don't play catcher every game I'm ok with sitting out or being in my back-up place, way out there in the outfield! So long as the ball don't come to me I'd be fine......I think.

Well I think thats about everything I wanted to ramble about, I may post up more about softball later in the season but who knows

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