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Masurao's Art Dump

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by , 6th March 2011 at 12:41 PM (504 Views)
I figured I would post some of my artwork for the hell of it since I have a spare moment. So here we go. Scanner cuts off some of the Image in some, excluding the ones I've made into PS documents but w/e.

Random Girl, and Boy

Random Monk guy + His Iterations


Paul ( lol CommanderPigg), and random doctor guy

Wierd Stuff

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  1. J J M's Avatar
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    This is pretty good tbh. Great job.
  2. Masurao's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by J J M
    This is pretty good tbh. Great job.

    The Monk, and Aki ( the Monkey) are going to the main characters in a short 30 second animation I'm going to eventually do. It's a fun little story.

    I like drawing different styles, and such from time to time. It's fun, even though I don't really excel in any particular style.
  3. CommanderPigg's Avatar
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    Your designs are so minimalistic and cute! I would love to see the Monk and Aki animation if you ever get a chance to upload it!

    And drawing in different styles is fun...I have a similar predicament, so much so that I don't even really have a discernible style XD

    But keep it up! They're lovely (and your Paul is very awesome, btw).
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
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    I really think they're cool. I especially love the third one and Paul.


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