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Main rivalries and Ash.

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by , 5th May 2011 at 02:28 PM (384 Views)
Throughout the series we've seen Ash take on a number of his rivals. Typically, it's the main rivals that give him trouble. Beating him at every turn, using a level strategy that he typically doesn't display usually until late into the saga, and the League. The main rival, of course, ultimately loses to Ash in the league and leaves on good terms.

Now the question to all of you ( those I haven't questioned on it already) is do you feel that Ash has actually surpassed his main rival, or are they supposed to be depicted as always better than him? Yes, he beats them when their at their supposed strongest, but one can't help but feel that just because Ash beats the main rival once, he's better than or surpassed them. I'm quite positive that's the impression that the anime is trying to give out to little kids, but I can't help but feel it's not believable. With Gary, they only battled once prior to the Johto League, and of course Gary beat him with Eevee. Ash also lost to him soon after the BF. With Paul he lost to Paul 3 times (one of those times being quite badly) before winning. Now we have Trip whose already beaten him twice quite handily (soon to be a third). Seems to me their point about Ash not being as gifted as them still stands even after he beats them in the league.

So what do you guys think? Does he actually surpass them, or is it a victory simply to show he can battle on their level to get acknowledgement from them?

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    This is actually a hard question. I think he does in some way but if he is always being reset, is he really? All I know is that I don't see the problem in having Ash lose and then win., then tie, then win and then lose to his main rival until the league to settle the score. I would enjoy the show more that way to see that he and his rival are both growing and improving. And I'm sure others wouldn't mind that too.


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