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Just don't go near it?

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It's always like this when you discover one of your favourite animes is going to be dubbed into English. Like most hardcore otaku, I can't stand English dub, unless I watched it in dub all the way through because I bought it on DVD. But some I cannot just stand.

Mainly the new ones.

The World God Only Knows. Elsie sounds really annoying. The running track girl sounds middle aged. I don't wanna hear the rest. Rosario + Vampire isn't too bad. Mizore in English is frickin' adorable, they got her spot on. But now...

Infinite Stratos?!

Ah...I think my heart broke when I saw it on Wikipedia.

But, I guess, it's not really that bad? I know some of my friends hate it with a passion and practically throw up when I sing the Ouran opening in English, but...if you don't like it, just don't go near it? As heart breaking as it is that some folks in America are going to do a really shit job at voicing...Cecilia...Rin...Laura...! LAURA!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! LAURA BODEWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um, well, just don't watch it? And run away screaming if somebody links it to you?

I'm just glad I dubbed Laura's monologue before this happened. And it's not like they'll be doing it in German either, so suck my dick, Sentai Filmworks? XD Also, I know it's kinda hypocritical to say this, but I KNOW they WILL do an English accent for Cecilia and it WILL suck. At least when I put on an American accent, I do a damn good job at it so people can't tell there's a difference. But English? We can sniff it out in seconds. In fact, I'm currently teaching one of my friends the arts of the English accent for a fandub of 'Dog Days' (No idea what it is but apparently the main kid's from Cornwall). After doing daily Skype calls with us Brits for over nearly 4-5 months, he's gotten more used to it, but it's still pretty difficult to get him to sound like us. Americans elongate (HAHAH THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID) their words and try to make every vowel last two syllables and generally try to make connecting words smooth and sweet. It's a difficult transition from that to short chopping endings and syllables. We don't try to make our words last for ages and ages. We're just like, BAM!

Par example, one of the audition lines;

'Yes, to Cornwall! There are so many places to practise there!'

American (My exaggerated version): 'Yes, to Coorrn-wahll! Therre arre so many places to prectise therre!'

English: 'Yes, to Cornwoul (Don't emphasise the 'r' and make the 'oul' short and snappy)! There are (No emphasis or roundings of 'r') so many places to pracktise ('a' should be short and sounds like 'ACK!') there (No rounding 'r')!'

My friend is having trouble saying 'practise' and 'champion'. It sounds like he's saying 'che-ampion' and 'preactise'. Oh well. He'll get the hang of it, whilst cursing the accent to death. XD

The point is, you can easily tell when someone's faking an English accent, even professionals. You can just tell, they say things very differently, like instead of can't like 'carnt', they say 'can-t'. And no, they're not trying to be Northern, they're obviously attempting a PR British accent. XD

Anyway, I was gonna rant about Youtube child stars and their parents exposing them and shiz, but I'll save that for another day cus I should probably go study or some shit cus I've been playing Persona all day. XD

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