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by , 3rd May 2012 at 04:23 PM (680 Views)
Fack. Fack. Arceus, have mercy! I'm only just beginning to freak out big time yet my CNS is too lazy to do fuck all about it!

Let me explain;


Okay, so that's not necessarily true. I had my first exam two months back; my German speaking. Thankfully, I got an A in that. It's actually less than what I'd been expecting, but unfortunately I drew a blank when I was asked about what my PARENTS (as opposed to me, which is what they told us specifically) did for a living. My teacher had to blurt it out for me. >.>

But I've got my first proper actual sitting-down-in-the-sports-hall-extreme-conditions exam next Friday! And it's fucking maths!!! AAAAAIIIIOOOOOEEEEEEEEOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! *Makes noise that sounds like a cat being swung round on its tail XD*

Shite. And then it's biology the Monday after that. And then it's a whole fucking flurry of exams after that. Oh God. 5 fucking months just flew by. Fucking tell me about it! It feels like just a few weeks ago that Senpai returned to the city - WHEN IT WAS ACTUALLY 2 MONTHS AGO IN REALITY!!!! IT'S NEARLY HALFWAY THROUGH THE YEAR!!! ;A;

So, all this time, I think 'Hmmm, I should probs go study now' or 'Time to make notes!' but I never actually fucking do it (Apart from that one time last last Sunday, and that was cus I was fucking hungover XD). I was so horrified at myself today when I discovered a year 9 was making more notes than me. I was like...oh shiett!

Yeah, I skipped maths. I was actually trying to get some studying done, cus 20 minutes had passed and the teacher hadn't arrived. So I was just doing some maths and talking to my history expert friend on how to revise for history, when I felt a paper airplane brush my cheek. I looked up and saw one of the guys, who was half 'OAO', half 'XD'. I stood up and yelled 'WHAT?!?!?!' at him, but in all honesty, I was half laughing too cus I know the guy and we've had our ups and downs but we usually get on well and have a laugh. But then I didn't know what to do next. Hit him? Somehow make him get down on his knees and apologise? I wasn't sure. So I got angry. I walked across the classroom towards him, and all those fucking jerks and bitches were like 'Laura, shut up!!!' 'Laura, why are you getting so angry? Chill, he didn't mean to!' And then I felt a paper ball hit me from the other side. I really should've done a Palmtop Tiger (Start screaming like a banshee and kick over all the tables and chairs whilst cursing everybody to hell and beyond), especially since no teachers were around, but I was honestly just too tired. Monday and Tuesday was just too draining. Thinking about it, I wasn't actually angry at Max. I was just angry at the jerks who got involved.

So, I packed up my stuff, picked up my bag, bid farewell to Robbie and then pissed off to the library. As I was walking down, I noticed a familiar red bag and its familiar owner with flaming red hair. Admittedly, she's a year 9, and the sister of some sicko in my year who likes to throw his pubes at people and get his dick out in maths (Thankfully not in my class), but I've known her since she was, like, 4. Cus I used to go to school with said sicko. XD Also, she seems to think I'm a god because I scared away some jerk who was bullying her about a problem she had. Killing them all, one asshole at a time. XD I didn't really get her garbled explanation but she said she was going to the library cus she had a music lesson or some shit. I dunno. All I know is that I was freaked out when she pulled out tons of flashcards and I was all, 'FACK!' O___O XD Then some guys from Nii-san's old tutor group saw me and asked if I was his sister, and I recognised one of them from the play I was in last year, so it was all gravy just sitting there and chilling until I had to go to class civ.

So I got to class civ, and it was all good. Me and Ed were laughing about how a certain friend is upset we were joking about his ex-girlfriend getting an STD from him (As I shouted across the car park yesterday). It's funny because he thinks we're serious and very, very mean. Dood. We are joking. Come on. XD We were also talking about how this girl who nobody likes yet is trying to be friends with all of us and came out as a lesbian last year but is blatantly bi because she told me before she officially came out is totally trying to mack on some chick's boyfriend. She always tries to say hi to him, but he kind of ignores her cus he's busy talking to the others, so she does it again and again until he HAS to notice her. I was just telling Ed about our last drama lesson, where said boyfriend burst into the classroom and danced around everyone and patted us all on the head like 'Duck, duck, goose!' before crashing on the floor with two other guys and rolling around whilst yelling for CPR. This was when le crazy chick stepped in and yelled 'DON'T WORRY, SAUL!!!' and ACTUALLY BEGAN PUMPING HIS CHEST. The other two quickly got up and were like, 'Stop!!! Stop!!! He was just kidding!!! It's actually painful if you do that!!!!' She was, most likely, trying to go in for the kiss of life. XD

Anyway, echem, in class civ. We were all watching some dood puff out his gum into the air and then catch it like 50 times until it dropped on the floor. XD So then I returned back to talking to Ed, when he suddenly yelped and pointed at my shoulder. My heart plummeted and my blood ran cold. I saw a flash of white run across my line of vision, and knew someone had thrown gum at me. I looked to the direction from where it was thrown and saw everybody pointing at one of the dickwads from maths earlier, and I was just SO angry.

My hair is one of my most precious things to me. People have always praised my hair for its shininess and its length. It used to reach my arse. One guy even measured it (albeit with a ruler) and announced it 62cm long. I even hair modelled once. But then I cut it off in year 9. Because I was stupid. Even though it's not even chest length nowadays (Trying to grow it back =/), people always compliment me on my hair. That's why I felt like I was going to cry.

I stood up and attempted to rush at the guy, but Ed held me back ('Laura, no, don't, calm down!'). I was just so angry, I couldn't control myself. I knew the teacher was right there, but I just began yelling. "WHAT?!?!?! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?! BITCH!!!!" Then I remembered the teacher was there. I just felt so helpless. I wanted to run at the guy, but he was fucking laughing at me. THAT HE DARE HAVE THE NERVE TO LAUGH AT ME!!! HE WAS WHIMPERING EARLIER WHEN I YELLED AT HIM!!!

Teacher: "Laura, Ed, stop talking."
Dickwad: "Yeah, Laura!"
Me: "WHAT."
Class: "Oooh!"
Dickwad: "Woah, Laura...!"
Dickwad: "!!!"

Thankfully, somebody reassured me it was just blu tack. But I wanted my fucking revenge. And I still fucking do. But it's all good, I got it sorted.

Ed: "Laura, it's okay, calm down."
Me: "Ah, it's okay. After all, I just got my new order of nunchaku in the mail."


6ft tall guy: "Wait, what?"
Me: "I just got some new NUNCHUCKS."
6 ft tall guy: "...Oh shit!!! Hahhaha! You hear that? You're dead, Chenev!!!"

And then when class ended...

Teacher: "Laura, I'm sorry about that. Luckily, you won't ever see them again. Well, unless you're in their class next year. But hopefully not all of them altogether."
Me: "Ah, it's okay, thanks, miss. We finish school next week and my record gets wiped at the end of this term, so my mum said I can do all my pounding before I begin sixth form."
Teacher: "Haha, okay! Well, you have my permission to get revenge on them!"

I suddenly can't wait for my next class civ lesson. >8D

CRAP! GOT OFF TOPIC! Well, not really, but anyway.

Hi, Abi. If you're still reading or even lurking, lol. I meant to dedicate a post to you a long time ago, but, well, I was busy.

In case you're wondering how the dinner went, well...truthfully, I don't know. Because I didn't go.

On Sunday I went to Soho and got my dress and had lunch and went to Chinatown and blablabla. But come Sunday night...

I was in tears. And I don't know why.

I just realised I owed you so much. And I never told you. I was so angry that I never told you how much I appreciate you. It hurt so much that you came back. When you left, it was like you had evaporated like yi chang chun meng - an episode of a spring dream. So it felt like you’d came back from the dead. Like a badass fairy godmother who had arrived just in time to dress me for the ball – a ball Cinderella didn’t even turn up at. I sincerely believed I would never see you again. But your sudden appearance made me miss you more, because it was a reminder of what I’d once had; my exceptional friend.

Monday, I woke up crying. I was just filled with regret. I think I was also having a slight panic attack on the side, imagining my other Bulbagarden friends leaving me. I would never have let them know how much they really meant to me. I was in anguish.

My mum had no choice but to let me stay at home. We had a frantic screaming match because I couldn’t explain to her why I was so upset. I just couldn’t. It sounds pathetic to anybody who hasn’t met friends on the internet.

I know you said you’d be back after the exams. But how long for? All I know is that there’s this black cloud hanging over me, reminding me that there will be a point in life where I’ll never be able to reach you ever again. I know it’s for the best. It was just painful.

I didn’t go to the dinner. I told myself I was in mourning. Because that was how I saw it when you were first gone; you were dead in some sense, because I would never see you again. I didn’t go to school on Tuesday either. I was exhausted, because I hadn’t gone to bed until 3am on Sunday because I was so busy.


And so. I know I told you I had a surprise for you. But I’m just too busy now. I know I stayed in the library every other day after school, but really, I just hung out with friends instead. Went to their houses or just hung out in the art room. So I haven’t done anything since…well, yeah. So I’ll just link the song here;

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Even from the title, you can already tell it is the only anime you would ever enjoy. XD Panty and Stocking Anarchy are two angels who got kicked out of heaven due to their ‘bad behaviour’ AKA Panty was too much of a slut and Stocking was also a bit slutty but kept gorging herself on sweets and shit (Sound familiar? ;D). They get sent to live with some priest called Garterbelt and have to kill ghosts using their underwear transforming into weapons to collect heaven coins to return to heaven. This song, Fallen Angel is about going back to heaven, as you can probably tell. I wanted to sing it, but I just don’t have time to record. T_T

Anyway, if you ever have the time or just wanna get an understanding of what anime can be like, watch it. You can find all the episodes with subtitles on Youtube. Watch it and you’ll see it’s EXACTLY US. XD

(Side note: God, I feel like crying. I just discovered Freezing is being dubbed into English! Oh. God. No! Stop trying to ruin my life! ;A;)

Anyway, yeah, I’m gonna go wallow now. Freezing…in English…fuck no…

But before I go, here’s a little gift from me to you~

(It was bigger but I had to make it smaller cus of stupid sig regulations >=/)

Goodbye, and good luck. <3
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