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  1. Blood Has Been Spilled

    Kyron is dead. I am now Bloodstained. I will show you a true rebirth.
  2. XCD Emi's Pokémon Pt. 2

    Now for the rest of Emi's Pokémon. The theme with them: when they are heard to speak as humans, they are all voiced by actors associated with LA-based anime dubs, primarily Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

    4th Caught: Hayao
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gureggru/Croagunk
    VA: Troy Baker

    Hayao was caught in the same trip to the Safari Zone as when Emi caught Banri. He found himself intrigued by Emi's approach to Pokémon and felt she would be a good trainer. While ...

    Updated 13th May 2015 at 12:55 PM by Bloodstained

  3. New Interview with Pokémon developers...

    Pokemon devs on Mega Evolutions - criteria, Slowbro over Slowking more - Nintendo Everything

    The main part of the interview talks about why Mega Slowbro got a Mega instead of Slowking.

    One part that stood out to me is when Sugimori said... "there are Pokémon that were rejected as a Mega Evolution candidate because it’s like they couldn’t evolve any further design-wise." This was in conjuncture to a question the interviewer made about Mega Pidgeot and ...
  4. Baby barn swallows!

    Some time before my family bought the house that we now live in, some barn swallows decided to build their nest on a wall outside. Since it's in a fairly protected area and probably gets maintained with each annual visit from the birds, the nest has lasted for years, and every year around this time, a pair of barn swallows take up residence and raise their babies there. This nest happens to be on a wall that's in direct view of a large window, so I can watch the babies whenever I want without the ...
  5. Finals Week

    Finals week is unarguably the most stressful week for a college student. I already took my final for my Business 100 class and I'm feeling really confident about getting a good grade in that one.

    I have my Algebra Final tomorrow and my English Final is on Saturday. I got those two in the bag!!!

    The one I'm worried about though is my Japanese Final. When it comes to my Japanese class, I get everything perfectly. I have good participation, I turn in all my homework, ...
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