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List of things from min

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by , 21st July 2011 at 03:31 AM (146 Views)
Have you ever?

1.Taken drugs: medicinal drugs, like, Neurofen...
2.Stolen something: Not from a store or the Tower of London or something.
3.Physically hurt someone: Yes, but it's all good. They know I'm joking.
4.Broken a window: Nope, but I broke a car when I was three.
5.Gotten Arrested: Nope!
6.Ditched School: My mum's a teacher, mate.
7.Blackmailed someone: Not that I can recall.
8.Wished someone dead: God no.
9.Passed your blame for something onto someone else: Yes, but it wasn't my fault I think so.
10.Been cruel to an animal: NEVER. O_O
11.Lied but swore down on someone's life anyway: No!
12.Defaced public property: Nah.
13.Found a purse or wallet and kept it: Nope.
14.Swore at your parents: Once.
15.Name called someone who didn't deserve it: Nope.
16.Watched pornography: In Religion. By accident. The teacher tried to fast forward it while we pissed ourselves laughing.
17.Had morbid curiosity: I dunno what that is...
18.Imagined hurting someone: Yesum.
19.Contemplated suicide: Yup.
20.Thought about how you'd like to die: Not getting hit by a car. Preferrably in my sleep. Should that fail, saving someone's life.

Do you consider?

21.Lying to be OK for the right reasons: Yes, but the right reasons are few.
22.Open farting to be gross or endearing in a partner: Odd question... Um, I guess gross-ish...?
23.Euthanasia to be wrong or right: Only if they're going to die anyway. If there's even a slim chance, then it's wrong.
24.Abortion to be wrong or right: Wrong, unless it's for rape.
25.The death sentence to be wrong or right: Wrong. A life for a life... it's still a life that someone out there will miss, someone they cry for...
26.Murderers to be evil or insane: I really depends.
27.Evangelists to be insane: Muffins.
28.Your parents to be loving: VERY.
29.Animals that would kill a human, worth saving from extinction: Animals usually only kill for self defence. Wirth saving, yes.
30.The World to be a nice place: It;s a'ight.

Would you?

31.Give your life to save a family member's: Yes.
32.Give a kidney to a stranger: I ahve one to spare, so yes.
33.Donate money to charity: Of course!
34.Take in an injured animal: YES.
35.Do something bad for money: No.

Honesty. Do you?

36.Pick your nose: If it's blocked and there ar eno tissues, So usually no.
37.Look at the tissue paper after you wipe: Yuck, so!
38.Always wash your hands before meals: Only if they have some sort of muck on them or if I;ve been handling animals.
39.Occasionally cheat at school/work: Never!
40.Think you're good looking: Nope. :/
41.Wish your friend's gf/bf was with you: Nah, their boyfriends are with them, and I don't want them.
42.Wish a family member wasn't related: Never!
43.Scream when you see a spider: No, they're tiny!
44.Care about people on the news: If something horrible's happened to them, yes.
45.Ever pray to God: Nah.
46.Base people on their looks: NUP.
47.Hold grudges: nah, I have a horrid memory.
48.Truly feel sorrowful when you say 'sorry': Mostly.
49.Really care about other people's day: Yes!
50.Wish the World revolved around you: NO. GOD, NO.

Bleh. Fine, I did it.

Now send this to five people or a T-Rex will eat you or something.


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