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  1. Xita's Emerald Nuzlocke Episode 1: An Oldie but Goodie

    Well with ORAS out and GF's recent choices pushing me far away from the game, I wanted to go back to the good old days with my beloved Emerald. But a normal run is pretty boring right?

    That's why we're gonna make this a Nuzlocke!

    1. First Pokemon you meet on every route can be caught (once you get balls), nothing else. If you faint that pokemon then that's it for the entire route.
    2. If a Pokemon faints, ...
    Random Stuff
  2. This petition really gets under my skin

    So, this is the new petition being shared by some of my friends:

    Now, I am actually really annoyed, not only do they make GTA like it's only targetting women, they sound like they want it ban altogether, despite it's rated R and your freaking children should not be playing it. Here's an idea, watch what they are playing, and if you don't ...
  3. RIP M Salamence

  4. Ragrets

    On the day ORAS came out, after the school day ended, my mom took me to target so that I could purchase a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby. I went down to my friend's house, where two of my friends had been impatiently waiting for me, and we played Pokemon. Eventually, one of my friends left, as he went back home, but I stayed, and ended up sleeping on his floor, at approximately 3:00 AM. I would sometimes get distracted by all the new features, such as the dexnav, or at one point, I wanted to do some ...
  5. Hoenn-Only Run In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

    My goodness. Hoenn was so nice to go through again after all these years. As promised, I did a Hoenn-only run for my first time through. Now for the stats...

    Date Started: November 24th, 2014
    Date Ended (Champion Defeated): December 2nd, 2014

    A little over 61 hours played.

    Final Team:

    Sceptile (Level 59)
    Pelipper (Level 59)
    Linoone (Level 59)
    Manectric (Level 60)
    Claydol (Level 59)
    Hariyama (Level ...
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