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Foxxy Loveshakes

rip in peace

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KPU really is dead now, huh? It never really hit me until I noticed it was now in the old/dead/forgotten forum category. Yes I am still sad. KPU as an idea was cool, but what made it shine was the playerbase. Putting something like KPU, a glorified hogwarts school of pokemans and teenagers, on another forum with a different playerbase, would have led to awful things. The kind of stuff you normally get with sonic the hedgehog roleplays. *shudders*

If we only could have solved the few problems and disagreements we had before everyone disappeared, maybe I would have been able to take over the world... Maybe it isn't too late, though. I think we could reincarnate KPU. Downsize it. Make it streamlined. Or maybe not. Who knows, I'm just a talking Gardevoir.

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